A Shout Out To CJUS 1111

            Here’s a shout out to the students in Introduction to Criminal Justice, CJUS 1111, Western New Mexico University. Andy Warren, the professor, informs me that this blog is required reading for the class. Send him a note thanking him for me.

            In general, I post twice a week, and the pieces here are generally reprints of columns I write. One column appears in American Lawyer Media publications, and has its home in the Connecticut Law Tribune. The other is a syndicated column through the Journal Register newspapers in Connecticut.

            I don’t write much more than that, I am afraid.  Maybe I should, but it’s hard to go to court everyday and write anything of interest.

            I’ve done four books: A work of fiction, called Dark Justice, which was published serially in the Connecticut Law Tribune a decade of so ago. Taking Back the Courts, and overview of a twisted criminal justice system; Juries and Justice, about jury nullification; and, In the Trenches, a collection of columns, are all available on

            Press Andy to have me come out to see your class. I’ve never been to New Mexico; I hear it is beautiful.

            Send me any suggestions you’d like me to write about. 

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Posted on September 17, 2015 at 12:04 pm by Norm
Wrongful death
You must prove causation -- that the defendant caused the death through some affirmative act, or by failing to something he or she was obliged to do

Posted on September 17, 2015 at 11:32 am by Gerald Fierro criminal justice 1111
Civil lawsuit and wrongful death
What evidence would the plaintiff need to prove the defendant of wrongful death.
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