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Tim Moynahan On Taking Back The Courts

Tim Moynahan has been practicing law longer than many readers of this post have been alive. He's a hero of mine, and so I asked him to read my new book, Taking Back the Courts. Here is his take. I hope it inspires you to read the book, which available at
"One of Norm...

Bob Fogelnest On Taking Back The Courts

Earlier this year, I asked Robert Fogelnest, past president of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, to read a draft of my new book, Taking Back the Courts. Bob's a good friend, now living as an expatriate in Mexico after decades of courtroom fighting in the United States. We...

Gerry Spence On Taking Back The Courts

Some folks are bigger than their critics. When I asked Gerry Spence to look over a draft of my new book, I expected him to decline. But he did not. He wrote the introduction, proving once again that a kind gesture speaks far louder than noisy recrimination.

F. Lee Bailey On Taking Back The Courts

Here's the foreward to my new book, Taking Back the Courts, written by an idol of mine, F. Lee Bailey. To say I was thrilled to get this review is an understatement.
Several years ago I was asked by my most important client at the time to find him a fearless, highly...

Taking Back The Courts

A friend of mine likens the publication of a book to the birth of a child, a peak experience that yields powerful feelings. I’ve yet to hold my newest baby, but last night I noticed that Amazon now lists it. Taking Back the Courts can be pre-ordered; it is set for release later this...

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