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Let's Deconstruct Critical Race Theory

Rhetorical choices define our options in life. What you see conceptually is, in a sense, what you can aim at in terms of strategic behavioral choices. And so, in this era of so-called “Critical Race Theory,” I say we lay bare the choices the theorists are making. It’s time to “deconstruct,” or be critical of, critical race theory.
But first, what is critical race theory?
It’s much in the news of late, especially here in Connecticut, where local school board officials in Guilford have become the focal point of a...
July 13, 2021

Trump v. 230: Silly Legal Theories, But Right Target

Donald Trump’s suits against Facebook and Twitter are, unfortunately, about as likely to succeed as were his challenges to the 2020 election. In the election cases, his claims appeared to be frivolous. The social media complaints are far from frivolous, at least in intent. But the legal theories they assert are ridiculous.
Facebook and Twitter are private entities. They are not governed by the first amendment. The first amendment’s ban on content based censorship does not apply to private actors. It really is that simple.
So Trump’s legal team decided that they...
July 7, 2021

How Much Will Pennsylvania Pay Mr. Cosby?

The Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s decision to vacate the conviction of Bill Cosby and discharge him is a stunning rebuke of the prosecution. Not only is his conviction reversed; the Commonwealth cannot try him again for the sexual assault of Andrea Constand. Why? The prosecution violated Mr. Cosby’s right to fundamental fairness.
Question: What will Pennsylvania pay Mr. Cosby money damages for this miscarriage of justice?
Here’s what happened.
Ms. Constand waited until 2005 to complain...
June 30, 2021

Death Comes Calling -- Again

Many years ago, a colleague of mine started a gruesome game, he called it death bingo. At the beginning of each year, he’d invite folks to submit names into a pool. At year’s end, the person who forecast the most deaths won.
I never played the game. It struck me as morbid. Who’d want to win such a game?
The game, it appears, has caught up to me. One after another colleagues and friends die. I suppose it goes with the turf. None of us gets out of here alive. Just why I thought I or those about whom I care were immune from the...
June 22, 2021

What To Do About Social Media Censorship

November 13, 2020
Social media censorship is a red-hot topic now. Conservatives are outraged by a perceived bias against their content by the likes of...

An Open Note to Lex Fridman

February 24, 2021
The best thing about the pandemic? I’ve discovered podcasts. One of the best is Lex Fridman’s, called, simply, Lex Fridman...

Farewell to a Legend: F. Lee Bailey

June 3, 2021
F. Lee Bailey is dead.[br]
There’s nothing surprising about this. Death comes for us all. But he once promised me...

Atkinson v. Facebook: Here's the writ

November 13, 2019

Consent, Parental Power and Childhood Vaccination

June 20, 2021
Among the world’s mysteries is the transformation of naked power into authority. Yes, from time immemorial, there have been those...

Can It Be True? Baseball Is Back!

June 19, 2021
I’ve been strung out and ornery for the past eighteen months. It started with pandemic and a shutdown of the economy, and the...

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Norm Pattis Taking Back the Courts

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How prepared are you to take seriously the notion that 'we the people' are, in fact, sovereign? Discover the secret, and unused, power of jurors. 'Ask why; then nullify.'

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