Saying Farewell To A Cherished Friend

The morning has a depressive and uncertain sort of feel to it. As the day begins, all of my parts are in order. But I know that when night falls, the surgery will be over. Some significant part of me will be removed. Come tomorrow I will make do with what remains. I am calm. But I am also...

Was Monroe v. Pape Wrongly Decided?

The New Year is a time to ask big questions, to put nagging issues and concerns into perspective, and to chart a course which, perhaps, will make the world a more elegant place in which to live and work. So I ask this question on the cusp of 2010. It is a question that has been on my mind for the...

Tme For Universal Public Defender System

Connecticut was the first state in the nation to adopt a Public Defender system, so we have a tradition of leading the way when it comes to the pursuit of justice. It's time we advanced the claims of justice once again. What's needed now is a universal public defender system. In plain English, each...

Bill of Rights Day: A Reminder

Tim Lynch at the Cato Institute brightened my day by sending along a piece he wrote commemorating Bill of Rights day. I needed a pick-me-up, as I am still licking my wounds after a defeat in a criminal case today.
I pass the link along. Read through it, and be sure to click on the links...

Why Criminal Defense Lawyers Are Necessary

My client was convicted yesterday of seven counts of crimes he says he did not commit. I believe my client. Of course, only he and the complaining witness really know what what down, if anything. A jury convicted as it chose to believe the young woman.
Should I have not waived closing argument...

Oh, What A Difference A Continent Makes

Patrons at Berlin's Maison d'Envie (House of Desire) can take advantage of a unique discount when engaging the services of a prostitute. Present a bicycle helmet, padlock or bus ticket to the cashier, and get a near 15 percent discount off the full price of, et, um, well, you know.
Like most...

Are Closing Arguments Necessary?

I wonder, increasingly, whether we lawyers overstate our importance at trial. I realize that this is counter intuitive to those who view lawyer's as the star of the show. But trials are supposed to be about fact-finding under the rule of law. Do lawyers get in the way?
I tried something...

Fighting Freud With Nit-Wit Theories

Imagine the following: A man accused of murder offers an alibi defense. He could not have committed the crime because at the precise moment the victim was killed, he was being help captive by little green people from Mars. He was captive in a Motel 6 room where he was forced to watch endless reruns...

Who's That Prosecutor?

You've heard it before: Don't believe everything you see in the newspapers. That includes the caption beneath photographs.
A bemused client sent me an email yesterday with a link to a story about a case I am trying. Right next to the story was a mug of me, lifted from the shot that accompanies...

Say It Ain't So. Edsall Can't Go!

I don't write much about college football. Why would I? I am a University of Michigan fan, and the past three seasons have been akin to a prolonged wake for a proud program. Beginning with an inglorious loss to Appalachian State in a warm up game in 2007, and continuing throughout 2007, 2008 and...

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I believe that the state is a necessary fiction and that failing to combat it is the first step toward tyranny.
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