99 Cents A Month? It's A Steal

Even though I own a bookstore, I spend far too much money each month on books. My wife and I are print addicts. We love reading. I've even gone so far as to purchase a Kindle from Amazon, which permits me to get eletronic versions of books on line.

Kindle also sells blogs. You purchase monthly access to them. I checked through the list of blogs offered last night and saw my alma mater, Crime and Federalism, on the list. For 99 cents a month, I can have it downloaded to my Kindle.

I am somewhat puzzled by this. Why would I purchase what I can get for free? I am able to download items on the Internet to my cell phone for free. Hence, should I ever need a quick jolt of opinion for free, all I need to do is whip out my phone.

It is not apparent to me that Mike, the author of Crime and Federalism, even knows that his cite is being offered for sale. Does he get a cut? Nine ninety cents a months is a steal. I suppose the question is, who is getting robbed?
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Posted on March 20, 2009 at 11:46 am by mike
intersting! i don´t know. a while ago i did some...
intersting! i don´t know. a while ago i did some syndication agreement, so they probably do it. no clue if i get a cut. even if i did, finding out how much would take longer than whatever pennies i might be entitled too. i´ll suppose i could use itas a marketing point... ´good enough for amazon, lol. paying for blogs is an interesting concept..... people who know about blogs are saavy..... so by definition would those people purchase blogs.... i guess if you don´t have an iphone, or if you don´t want to log on, it´d work.
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