A Goose-Stepping Governor?

This just in from a source watching Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's mad scramble to deprive Bridgeport voters of the right to vote for their own board of education:

"Have you heard the latest that Governor Malloy is utilized something called and emergency certification that allows him to draft a stand alone bill separate from 163 page education reform bill that snuck in the Bridgeport retro language.  By making it a stand alone bill, he is trying to push the legisaltive fix in such a way that it can be brought to the general assemly without going through the normal committee process and voted on directly under the claim that it is an "emergency" measure.    We need to publicize this a widely as possible because my sources say that there are some legislators who are willing to support this and we must therefore find some legislators who will be willing to stand up and help the real people of Bridgeport and the rest of Connecticut kill this measure.  It is apparently being drafted as we speak.
"Malloy must have really sold something to the people (whoever they are) that want to buy the Bridgeport Public Schools."
Is it true that the governor was overheard yelling "Achtung" to staffer Andrew McDonald as the clock struck twelve? Did McDonald really promise harried clerks that "work makes free"?

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