A New Board; Same Old Stuff

The secret tap came the other day: Caitlin Larimer, Lynne Brachter, Carl Bettinger, Fredilyn Sisson have all been asked to resign. Rex Parris will soon be asked to yield his head to the block. Jude Basile's been making the rounds, trying to trim the body and fill it with folks to his liking.
This is the way it always is when power changes hands. A new leader is entitled to a board he likes. At least that it is the way it is an autocratic institution, one which does not vote, one which does not seek the input of those on whom it depends for economic support, one which is secure enough to care but little for anything other than the image it sees in the mirror.
Anne Valentine is said to be a favorite of the new regime, but she is said to be reluctant. Anne would be wise to decline. Only sycophants jump on a sinking ship and call it a pleasure cruise. J.R. Clary is said to be anxious to assume a seat; and Vicki Slater is a near second to fill a slot not yet embodied.
All this done secretly. No votes. No poll of students. No poll of staff. Just quiet meetings in the big house and phone lines abuzzing. Dissent silenced. All the while money raised and put to uses for which there seems but little in terms of accountability. No one yet answers who actually owns the ranch. It's all business as usual.
Except ... except Imaging is reported to offer her resignation. My prediction? It will not be accepted. Even Potemkin sees through this one.
A note to expatriates: Don't despair. TLC was a beautiful flash in the pan. Like an alchemist's vision, new flashes will brigthen the night sky. I am aware of two groups of lawyers forming workshops for those reluctant to worship and pay top dollar to built a shrine to another. One group has already begun to meet, another will be sending out invitations soon. I will forward details as they become available.


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