Et Tu, Scotty?

Aw, never mind. Learning to walk away from sink holes is s lifelong effort. A shower and a good night's sleep put things perspective. The electronic Lilliputia can do without this silliness. And we'll leave to analysts the various forms of penis envy. Addendum: An email asks why I pulled the piece here. I stand by each factual allegation based on communications with me. The opinions are mine. I just think the fight is stupid and regret being drawn into someone else's kitty litter box. Now, back to jury selection.

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Posted on June 7, 2011 at 3:03 pm by william doriss
Et tu Scotty II
not posted of course. Two more, shorter comments not posted either. A personal e-mail did arrive, re: my daughter Sarah Surviving in Seattle. Thanx Scott. I still like and will continue to read. I repeat: I like both of you now, and most of the others as well. It is important. One of you is not "playing well with others". Which is it? Inquiring Minds demand answers.

Posted on June 7, 2011 at 2:58 pm by william doriss
Et tu Scotty
I caught Scotty's vitriolic essay, A Book Unreviewed, shortly after posted. I penned a response where I proclaimed to be an ardent apologist for one Mr. Pattis. Have been following this catfight for a year now. I concluded by saying, I like both, that you came from opposite ends of the spectrum and were circling many of the same issues, and mostly in agreement really. It appeared to be a "personal" bone of contention. I used up all 3000 characters, not posted of course.
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