TLC: Squashing The Competition

Mark Bennett has an interesting piece about the latest doings at the Trial Lawyer's College. It turns out that three female expatriates have started a program for women. The college is not happy about it. Question: If the college's program revolves around love, and that is the college's claim, who has a monopoly on love?

Women lawyers should check out the program offered by three gems called The Three Sisters. The members of the group are three YLC alum, Joane Garcia-Colson, Fredilyn Sison and Mary Pecham. I've met and worked with Joane and Mary, and have heard nothing but good things about Sison.

One undercurrent at TLC that rarely surfaces for public display is mysogny. Critics of Spence say he has three hot button issues: money, woman and race. Apparently, The Three Sistters intend to offer advanced training in trial advocacy to women only. That seems regrettable to me. I could use a tune up and might well have attended this program, but my plumbing makes me ineligible. The debut program is May 13 to 16 in Palm Springs, and the price is a fraction of the TLC price: $750.

Check out Bennett:
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