TLC: The Top Ten Contributors

Who are the top ten donors at the Trial Lawyer's College? As of June 2, 2009, the leaders of the charitable pack are as follows:

1. Paul Luvera, a lifetime grand total of $205,250, with $25,000 contributed thus far this year.

2. Morris Dees, a lifetime total of $125,000. Dees last contributed in July 2000.

3. William Trine, a lifetime total of $117,610. Trine last contributed in March 2008.

4. Mark Mueller, a lifetime total of $110,065. Mueller last contributed in May 2009. His contribution this year is thus far $500.

5. The Spence Law Firm, LLC, a lifetime total of $110,000. The firm last contributed in October 2002.

6. Alejandro Blanco, a lifetime total of $89,676. Blanco's last contribution was in September 2008.

7. NAME DELETED AND CONTRIBUTOR'S REQUEST, a lifetime contribution of $83,000. Last contributed in August 2008.

8. Thomas Metier, a lifetime contribution of $79,675. Metier last contributed in December 2008.

9. R. Rex Parris, a lifetime contribution of $73,825. Parris's year-to-date contribution for 2009 is $100.

10. NAME DELETED BY REQUEST OF DONOR, a lifetime contribution of $72,450. She has contributed $3,000 thus far this year.

Trine and Parris are the only board members on the top ten.

Next: 11-20. Preview: contributor 11 is Gerry Spence.

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