The Case Of The Reluctant Chiropractor

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I finally made You Tube.

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Posted on May 14, 2010 at 12:49 pm by William Doriss
This is extremely funny. You have no idea how funn...
This is extremely funny. You have no idea how funny it is!?! On a number of different levels.

First, I just left my chiropractor's office several hours ago, in YarmouthCourt, where I got my sacroiliac joints 'adjusted', my lumbars 'rolled', my mid-dorsals thrust upon, and my cervical spine twisted in what is taught as 'diversified technique'. That would be a generalized method of loosening up spinal congestion and freeing the flow of neural energy from impinged-upon nerves, or otherwise impeded nerve-energy flow.

I know, it sounds very science fiction-like or occultistic, but it works. Pragmatism is the reigning philosophy of America, if I am not mistaken. Whatever works, goes!?! If it did not work, those of us who believe in chiropractic would not use it. There would be NO chiropractors at all. They would be outlawed, the way marijuana is outlawed as a dangerous 'drug'. There would be no chiropractic colleges teaching this ancient art. (It is an art, more than a science, for sure. Nobody really knows exactly how or why it works.)

Chiropractic has been utilized for centuries. And if you do not believe me, just go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and go to the Renaissance section where you can see ancient depictions of this being practiced in Italy.

Secondly, I am a chiropractor myself, non-practicing: Palmer College of Chiropractic, 1976. My grandfather was one of the first chiropractors to practice in CT. I grew up in his household. He made a good living, was an honest man and contributed to the general welfare--which is more than I can say about a lot of attorneys and medical doctors. My youngest brother is a practicing chiropractor on Cape Cod for over thirty years.

Our philosophy is, you don't take medicines or medication unless absolutely necessary. Aspirin is the strongest medicine I take for 65 years. We don't like shots or immunizations either. You never,ever trust the medical profession to do the right thing, to do it adequately, appropriately, or competently. You do trust that they will order unnecessary tests and overcharge for all services rendered. (Which does not mean there are not 'good doctors' out there.) And last but not least, you stay out of hospitals as long as you can; because, if you go there, you just might end up dead from godforsaken Staph infection, or whatever.

Finally, the Inquisition going on in this video reminds me of the cross-examination I endured at GA 23 in 2002, where the State of Konnecticut hit me with 13 bogus, trumped-up criminal charges without one warrant or probable cause. It was a kangaroo court where, upon testifying on my own behalf, the dyslexic prosecutor lady kept asking me 'yes-and-no-questions'. How can I possibly tell the court and the jury what happened by answering your stew-pid yes-and-no-questions?

The judge would not allow me to testify as to what had actually happened in my own words. "We have rules," she said. She also said, "Shut up!" She violated my both 1st Amendment and 5th Amendment rights in one fell-swoop. The Fifth Amendment says, you have the right not to testify or incriminate yourself when charged with a crime.

The Corollary is--there is always a corollary to everything in life--that if you should choose to voluntarily assume the risk of testifying on your own behalf, that you be allowed to, in your own language, in your own words, and WITHOUT INTERRUPTION from either the judge or the prosecutor.

This is an OUTRAGE! There is no other word for it, in a state full of multiple outrages on a daily basis, it seems.
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