The Sound Of Silence

My new blog site will up and running tomorrow. I am electing to cease taking public comments. I've also decided to avoid the use of statistical tracking packages. Bottom line? Much though I enjoy writing and hope for readers, the online community is a little too quirky to suit me. I'm not willing to bleat to suit the so-called thought leaders, and I am too easily goaded and distracted by snark. Better to put wax in my ears as did Odysseus when sailing in dangerous waters. I concede the field to those who want the turf. I simply want to write. The courtship of strangers is a pastime for others.

I should have learned from my experience as a columnist at The Connecticut Law Tribune, where, for ten years, I have written a weekly column on the law. Over the years, many letters have been written to the editor excoriating me. A board member or two has resigned when the publisher refused to fire me. Even the state's Judicial Branch once cancelled the subscription to the newspaper for all of the state's law libraries. I never really stopped to wonder what all the fuss was when these crises broke. I simply went to court each day and thanked folks for reading when they commented on the pieces for good or for ill. To do otherwise opened the possibility of tumbling into a deep chasm from which I might never emerge.
I see from the poll results to the right that I will lose a few readers. That's all right by me. I've never made the list of top legal blogs by anyone's tally. I am simply unwilling to court the support it takes to do so, and my talent is such that my place is somewhere near the middle of the pack.

I'll post the new site address tomorrow, or the next day. I start trial tomorrow and time will be short for the next few days. Thank you for reading. I hope you will continue to read. I will continue to write, not distracted, about the practice of law. That is, after all, how I got into blogging.

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