This is absolutely amazing to me and I am seldom at a loss for words! I agree with Robin. I think it would be helpful to all of us, especially the state co-ordinators, to see if Kelly & Company would send out a guide to help us get this Based on the statement from John Walsh I have inserted below we need to start in Delaware and do whatever we can to help them get it out to their state.

Taken from Deadbolt
WALSH: With the Adam Walsh Act, you make a great point, and President Obama brought it up. The Adam Walsh Act says that states have to be compliant and pass companion legislation on the state level. So far only Ohio has done that and Delaware is ready to do it. Joe Biden's son, Beau Biden, the Attorney General of Delaware, is getting ready to get in compliance.

Also, I think Norm Pattis, would be an excellent presenter for the message we want to get out.

Norm Pattis
I am a criminal defense and civil rights lawyer. I believe that the state is a necessary fiction and that taking it too seriously is the first step toward tyranny. I write for four blogs: Norm Pattis, Defending Sex Crimes, Lawyers For All, and, Section 1983. I also write a weekly column on the law for the Connecticut Law Tribune. If you want to contact me call my office at 203.393.3017.
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Vicki Henry

From: RWV
To: Alain Levesque ; Alex Marbury ; Paul Shannon ; Joel Pentlarge ; Linda ; [hidden email]; Mary Duval ; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; Linda Gallagher ; [hidden email]; Renate ; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; Mary Gay ; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]; [hidden email]
Sent: Mon, March 8, 2010 12:38:43 PM
Subject: Georgians For Reform: A challenge to the states

What Kelly has been able to accomplish in Georgia is stunning, in my estimation. I believe the Georgia conference should become the standard to which other state chapters look for a model of success (though I mean no offense to the efforts of other state organizers).

RSOL Minutemen


Georgians For Reform
Education, Awareness, and Treatment

Yesterday, we took a step towards replacing the failed policy of the registry and residency restrictions with policy based in reason that will make our communities safer, protect our children, and bring American society back to a society respected around the world for its fairness and respect for human rights.

Georgians For Reform is deeply disturbed by the failure of the registry to prevent things like Garrido and Sowell. We mourn the loss of Chelsea King and we know that the failed policy of registration based on blanket application of this tool is responsible for that loss.

Georgians For Reform demands that this failed policy be ended and replaced with policy based on empirical evidence that will make our communities safer, protect our children, and respect the rights of people to heal and move forward.

Yesterday, 6 March 2010, Georgians For Reform held a 12 hour conference in the State Capital. Our attendance was over 180.

Our speakers included a District Attorney who participated in writing the original legislation that created the registry in Georgia, a Defense Attorney who addressed the ex post facto aspects of the registry, a Lobbyist, lawyer, and sociologist who spoke to the wrong directions taken by the registry and thus its detrimental effects on those registered and society as a whole and its consequent ineffectiveness, Religious Leaders who spoke to the Challenge presented by the registry to the faith community, Prison Counselors and Prison Chaplains who spoke to the reality of the registry for those incarcerated and released, and Paul Shannon who established the national presence of RSOL.

Every speaker, including the attorney who participated in the original legislation, told us the registry is failed policy and is punishment.

To gather close to 190 people in conference, the majority of who are not on the registry, in the state of Georgia, leaves no room for anyone to say it cannot be done. Who can now say that society has written off persons convicted of a sex offense, that these people have no support, that these people do not deserve the basic human dignity spoken of so eloquently in our Declaration of Independence? Who can now continue the hyperbole, ignorance of statistical facts presented by the US Department of Justice, and the reality of failure after failure of registry schemes that is so common in supporting this failed policy.

The principle guiding our conference was that no speaker would be asked to address their topic from our perspective. Each speaker was asked to address the conference from their own perspective on the registry and was not vetted for that perspective as a contingency for invitation. Speakers were invited because they occupied one of the criteria in the program, those being, Law Enforcement, Clergy, Legal, Sociology, Psychology, and Therapy.

That these speakers, to a person, came to the same conclusion, the registry is failed policy, speaks very loudly.

Georgians For Reform will continue to speak out against this failed Policy and demand Policies that work towards making our communities safer, protect our children, and respect the dignity of people.

We will no longer accept ‘feel good’ policies that protect no one, lend a false sense of security, and indeed make our children and communities less safe.

Kelly R Piercy

Georgians For Reform

P. O. Box 180

Hull, GA 30646-0180

(706) 955 2009

Kelly R Piercy

[hidden email]
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I believe that the state is a necessary fiction and that failing to combat it is the first step toward tyranny.
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