Minimum Fees For Criminal Defense Work?

The economic slowdown has finally trickled down to street lawyers. Clients now struggle to pay even modest fees. There is little by way of easy credit, and even less in home equity. As for credit card advances, well, good luck. But trouble keeps coming, and folks need lawyers. Lawyers also need...

Memo To Texas Bar: Back Off

I hate the Texas Bar Association. You should too. So should everyone who cares about whether people accused of a crime can find a lawyer to represent them.
I hate the Texas Bar Association because it is setting its sights on criminal defense lawyers: The unstated goal? Driving them into...

Litigation Lotto And Hedge Funds

Not enough gets written about the matter of legal fees, and what gets written generally scares me. Fictional lawyers practice law in a cocoon; readers rarely if ever get a glimpse of what it takes to keep the lights on and the copying machine operable. The press catches a whiff only of the most...

About Norm Pattis

Norm Pattis is a Connecticut based trial lawyer focused on high stakes criminal cases and civil right violations. He is a veteran of more than 100 jury trials, many resulting in acquittals for people charged with serious crimes, multi-million dollar civil rights and discrimination verdicts, and scores of cases favorably settled.

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I believe that the state is a necessary fiction and that failing to combat it is the first step toward tyranny.
– Norm Pattis


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