Secrecy, Terror and a Cowardly Government

The Patriot Act and its sickly progeny have been used for all sorts of decidedly unpatriotic things in the past few weeks. The Government is, for example, seeking account information about Twitter users. It flashed a subpoena at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco ten days before Christmas: Turn...

The New Reformation

Is Julian Assange the new Martin Luther? 
The significance of the Protestant Reformation lies not so much in the proliferation of new, and non-Catholic, theologies: Early Christianity was a wild cacophony of conflicting views of Jesus. It took centuries for orthodoxy to emerge. For well...

Julian Assange Slept Here

There was a time in the northeastern United States when an innkeeper could expect a few curious customers to respond to signs reading: "George Washington slept here." The man must have laid his head to rest somewhere during his founding travels. Why not at Aunt Sally's bed and breakfast? This is a...

Why Wikileaks Matters

Wikileaks matters because government lies, and the United States Government is no exception. Liars don't want the truth exposed, so they prosecute those with the courage to tell it. It really is that simple. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise wants something the liars can confer, whether that...

Julian Assange, Citizen of the World

Information knows no national boundaries; it flows, like the truth, across borders, and into the minds of those prepared to receive it. That is why governments everywhere view truth as an enemy. It is why, today, Julian Assange, a spokesman for Wikileaks, is in hiding. 
Interpol has...

A Nobel Prize For Wikileaks?

The first Nobel Peace Prize was awarded jointly to two men in 1901: Henry Dunant, the founder of the Red Cross, and an international pacifist named Frederic Passy. The Nobel committee ought to award the prize to Wikileaks. It would reward sunshine in government, and be a fitting...

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