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Sahsa Baran Cohen Auditions To Become Chinese Censor

Forgive me if I am not prepared to sacrifice the right to speak freely to the sensibilities of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and to comedian Sacha Baran Cohen. But I repeat what I’ve said any number of times: There is no mob quite so terrifying as a self-righteous mob.
Cohen appeared...

Atkinson v. Facebook: Here's the writ

FACEBOOK, INC., : MARK ZUCKERBERG, : Defendants. : November 12, 2019
1. This is an action for money damages and injunctive relief against Facebook, a social...

Zuckerberg's Noxious Hypocrisy

Mark Zuckerberg can afford to be as irrational as he wants to be. The billions he’s made gives him what the magnificently rich call “f@#k you money.” That’s the sort of wealth that permits them to laugh at we lesser mortals, including the government.

Edward Snowden -- Citizen-Traitor

I pre-ordered Edward Snowden’s Permanent Record, his autobiographical memoir of how he came to be – well, what did he become? Is he a traitor? Or a hero? Such is the confusing character of our times that I could see, prior to diving into the book, a case for both...

A Sad Farewell To A Great Judge -- Warren Eginton

I understand and accept the syllogism, I really do:
"All men are mortal.
"Mr. X is a man.
"Therefore Mr. X is mortal."
It’s a sing-songy soliloquy.
But substitute the name Warren Eginton for Mr. X and the syllogism will rip your heart out. Judge Eginton, or,...

Fall, or, Dodge in Hell -- The Case for Mortality

Suppose money were no object: Would you declare in your will that, upon your death, every effort should be made to preserve your body, and, when technology improves, the best reasonable effort should be made to revive you? If you answered in the affirmative, read Neal Stephenson’s...

El Paso and White Supremacism -- Not So Fast

We live in dangerous times, and it won’t take much to destroy the accomplishments of generations. This much is clear after the mass shootings last week in El Paso, Texas. Twenty people were killed, and 26 more wounded, by a young white male. It was an act of domestic terrorism by a white...

How Do You Defend Those People?

How do you represent those people?
The question is common enough for criminal defense lawyers. In the past few weeks, I’ve received variants of the question scores of times. You see, I represent Fotis Dulos, a man suspected in the disappearance of his estranged...

Can The First Amendment Harness Facebook?

Let me put my cards out on the table: I represent Alex Jones and Infowars. I despise efforts to silence him because his speech discomfits the self-righteous. And I regard Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg as clear and present dangers to the right to speak freely.
If any of this offends...

There's No Such Thing As Hate Speech

This is the pre-prepared portion of the talk I gave to the Hartford County Bar Association for Law Day this year:
LAW DAY 2019
We’re here today to celebrate Law Day under the...

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