Arf, Arf, Arf

My few regular readers know that dogs are an important part of my life. My two border collies, Odysseus and Penelope, run our pack during vacation season. So we are heading out bright and early Saturday morning to an off-the-Internet location to spend six days playing with sheep, working on agility courses, and otherwise enjoying ourselves.

The last time I was away for a few days I got anxious inquiries. Let me head them off with this note this time. I may not post again for another week.

It's a dog's life, you see ...

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  • Over the weekend, I unexpectedly ran into former g...
    Over the weekend, I unexpectedly ran into former governor John Rowland as he was entering the bar section of the concession area at the Wellfleet Flea Market, Cape Cod. I introduced myself as a CT-native and attempted to start a conversation with him--in short pants. This was not to be. Clearly annoyed at having been recognized while on vacation (?), he attempted to exit the unwanted encounter as quickly as possible.
    As we parted, I found myself shaking his hand and uttering words to the effect that he was a 'good man'. What was I thinking? This is the disgraced former governor of my home state, the one who captained the ship of state into building five new prisons and one juvenile detention 'training school'. The latter, built by contractor friends of his utilizing questionable no-bid contracts with the state, became a multi-million dollar boondoggle which had to be evacuated and shut down by succeeding Governor Rell shortly after she took the helm in 2004.
    Gov. Rowland, who resigned after 11 1/2 years of governorship, increased the prison population of the state from 5000+ to something under 20,000, while at the same time an increasing proportion of the prison population were designated 'nonviolent' and an increasing percentage as well were to become parole and probation violators. And that is not counting the 2000 state prisoners he shipped off to 'private' prisons in Virginia.
    Incidentally, increasing numbers were to be 'minority' citizens from the least desirable neighborhoods of the increasingly prosperous and rich state.
    In one year alone, the governor's ship of state achieved false convictions in three criminal cases that I am familiar with, and perhaps hundreds of others: Michael Skakel, Edward Grant and--last but not least--William Doriss.
    No, the governor did not invite me to sit down over mint juleps with him and his wife on a swelteringly hot Cape Cod day. He is still an arrogant unrepentant rascal and a scoundrel. But I could not bring myself to telling that to his face. The former governor missed a great opportunity to broaden his horizon, educate himself in the failures of the criminal justice system and be entertained by me.
    No hard feelings, Governor?!? Hey, I'm not a bad guy; I'm a good guy!?! Governor, you've gained considerable weight! Are you eating and exercising properly?
    Posted on July 21, 2010 at 2:44 am by William Doriss
  • Well, I want to hear about the dogs. My one exper...
    Well, I want to hear about the dogs. My one experience with a sheep herding evaluation/class for my corgi was fantastic. And the other dogs love agility. Beth K.
    Posted on July 23, 2010 at 1:40 am by Anonymous

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