Police Gone Wild

Want to see what the country looks like when law enforcement goes hog wild? Check out the CATO Institute's Raid Map.

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  • Interesting but certainly not complete. Where is C...
    Interesting but certainly not complete. Where is City of New Haven and State of CT v. Doriss (State Court)? Where is Doriss v. City of New Haven and State of CT (all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, #08-6378) in a legally, lawful and legitimate counter-suit, civil rights action? Not listed anywhere, no press coverage, not even from my erstwhile community-activist-journalist hero Paul Bass,... even though I begged him.
    Thanks a lot Justice ScAlitoes and Doubting 'My-Lips-Are-Sealed' Thomas. Thanks New Haven RAGister, New Haven ADDvocate, New Haven
    CO-Dependent and--last but not least--Hartford UNDER-Current. Oh, thanks a lot Gov. Relland and most importantly, Judiciary co-Chairman Mike Lawless Himself, that bald-headed moron KnowNothing from Staven.
    P.S., AG BloominTall never heard of me even though his office represented the State against me in federal court. Thanks Bloomy, thanks for nothin, Loser Magooser that you are!?! You, Judge ChatKnee and Sen. Doddo Bird are all 'birds of a feather' as far as I'm concerned. The Constitution State? I call it the Nutty State, a state in serious denial.
    Something stinks, and its not the CT River.
    Posted on May 29, 2010 at 1:31 pm by William Doriss

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