The Best Argument I Have Ever Seen In Favor Of The Second Amendment

This is the most powerful argument I have ever seen in favor of the Second Amendment. And it is one of the few times I have viewed a videotape of a police procedure and realized that I could shoot back without remorse. So if you are thinking about bursting into my home with or without a warrant, be forewarned: Shoot to kill my dogs, and I will shoot to kill you. Period.

Hat Tip: Simple Justice; check out this piece in Reason:

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  • The City of New Haven executed my dog Zeus without...
    The City of New Haven executed my dog Zeus without one warrant and without probable cause on November 26, 2002. The out-of-control judge in the case was the Dishonorable Bernadette Conway. The prosecutor was the pathetic, dyslexic Maura Kehoe Coyne. The animal control officer who testified falsely against me at trial was the sadistic Holly Miller. This was after beating nine out of ten totally false, malicious and trumped-up 'criminal' charges in Superior Court. The only conviction relating to my dog was a false misdemeanor, which we appealed.
    A misdemeanor is grounds for the death penalty for my guard dog and pet, which I am entitled to possess under the 2nd Amendment? I don't believe any official in CT understands or has read the U.S. Constitution.
    Note that all three of the major players, acting under color of city and state authority, were women. My lead defense counsel was a woman. Her supervisor was a woman. My assigned probation officer was also a woman, and her supervisor was a woman. Oh, and the governor whom I complained to was a woman. She advised me in writing to 'seek the services of a private attorney'. You may draw your own conclusions. I will not attempt to spell-out mine.
    What if I had won the appeal? How would the City and the State of Korrupticut then give me my dog back? No one has been able to answer this question. Not one official in the City or State will even attempt to answer. Mr. DeStePhony? SubRosa DeLauro? Mike Lawless? Mr. Doddo Bird? Mr. LieberMouth? There is no answer other than your system is rigged, you violated my civil rights and you refuse to acknowledge and/or make amends. Your police are corrupt and incompetent. Your state is corrupt, incompetent and uncaring.
    Maybe there's a catch, a 'Catch-22' that I missed somewhere? Or perhaps it's in the water which leads to a Bermuda Triangle of the Mind? The Nutty State, a state in denial.
    Posted on May 8, 2010 at 12:38 am by William Doriss
  • One of the prime principles of modern government, ...
    One of the prime principles of modern government, including democractic government, is the "monopolization of force" by the government. However, this presumes the government is all-virtuous, is more or less benign and benevolent, impartially and broadly represents the citizenry and residents within its domain, and especially follows the presumed mandate of the "rule of law". My experience with Connecticut government however has taught me that none of these principles are true. As a result of my experience, I have come to the cautionary position for citizens: STAY ARMED AT ALL COSTS. DO NOT LET THE STATE PROCEED IN ITS FINAL STAGES OF EMASCULATION. DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELVES TO BECOME COMPLETE SUBJECTS OF GOVERNMENT PATHOLOGY AND TOTALITARIAN DESIGNS.
    P.S. I do not own any firearms or deadly weapons. The reason for this is not that I am against it in principle (see the above paragraph), but because in my experience of the state of Connecticut's demonization of me for filing a criminal complaint against lawyers at a statewide law firm who stole thousands of dollars of medical films of mine meant for an operation on my neck, I believe state agents are looking for--and trying to create--any pretense for killing me for exposing their criminality and viciousness. The logical inference from experiences of mine is that the state of Connecticut has at its disposal death squads or individual assassins. I have received a number of death threats, including a dead crow placed near my car where I could not miss coming across it. I am saying this so that if I am killed, maybe someone will understand the true depths of the depravity of elements of state law enforcement. This criminalization of law-enforcement at the state level has occurred under Blumenthal as attorney general. If I am successfully killed by the fathomlessly vicious and criminal state law-enforcement elements, understand that the state will be killing an unarmed individual.
    Posted on May 5, 2010 at 12:31 pm by Henry Berry

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