Joseph Lieberman Is A War Criminal

Only once in our history as a nation has a United States Senator been impeached. It's time to launch proceedings against another: Connecticut's Joseph I. Lieberman. He is the sleeper cell in the Senate of terrorists everywhere, a snivelling, simpering bitch to any nutcase with a bomb. He proved it on Tuesday.

No sooner had an arrest been made of a man at the center of the failed terrorist attack in Times Square this past weekend than Lieberman was on the air calling for legislation to strip folks of their citizenship and their constitutional rights if they become involved in terrorism. This is the chilling trill of the fascist. This panty waist of a patriot calls for nothing less than the suspension of the Constitution for those suspected of certain crimes.

I've long watched this two-faced prick play fast and loose with partisanship. Some days he is plays Democract, then he plays Republican. But I forgive his political promiscuity because Lieberman is a prime specimen of the political opportunist. Broadway Joe will dance with the prettiest whore he can find, any time, anywhere.

But tap-dancing on the Constitution is treason. A Senator, my Senator as I live in the state he represents, who sees citizenship as something that can be forfeited and the Bill of Rights shredded in the wake of the latest terror-scare is unworthy of office.

Faisal Shahzad is a naturalized American. He is also accused of an act of terrorism. But if Joe Lieberman thinks that amounts to a suspension of the presumption of innocence or any other Constitutional right, then Lieberman does not deserve the role and rank of Senator. We look for leadership in a crisis, not cowardice.

I don't know whether the senator has ever read Franz Fanon's The Wretched of the Earth. If he had, he would learn that the goal of a terrorist is to undermine the values of the society he attacks by forcing a loss of confidence in that society's core values. Sow fear, panic and terror, and a people of principle becomes a bellowing mass capable of anything.

Lieberman made his remarks in the context of a debate about whether American citizens who engage in acts of terror should be treated as enemy combatants. He apparently wants to end any debate about Constitutional rights of those accused by excising them from the republic with something less than a full trial. This summary process for suspected terrorists is a power the government has not yet dared to wield. It is the jack-booted manuevre of a fascist.

Pundits have ridiculed groups such as the Oath Keepers for reminding men and women in the armed services that their duty is to protect and serve the United States Constitution. When I listened to Lieberman's remarks, it occurred to me that the republic needs protection from the likes of him. Lieberman has a King George complex.

Lieberman is a war criminal. A terrorist tried to attack. The Senator wet himself in panic and now seeks to trample the document he has sworn an oath to uphold. It would be refreshing to see a member of the House of Representatives move an article of impeachment. Tolerating this sort of seditious talk in the Senate moves us ever closer to the sort of government against which the colonists rebelled.

Lieberman's tough talk is a clear and present danger to the Constitution.

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  • I agree. Thank you for giving a thoughtful analysi...
    I agree. Thank you for giving a thoughtful analysis of this type of behavior. I am sick of these jerks thinking they can behave as fascists and the rest will not call them on it because we are scared of being tarred with the same brush. You are inspirational.
    Posted on May 4, 2010 at 2:51 pm by pam-lakatos

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