John DeStefano Wants You To Call

New Haven's Mayor John DeStefano will be on the Chaz and AJ show on WPLR 99.1 FM on Thursday at 7:30 a.m. His mission? To explain why he did not look like a complete ass on New Haven's Green this week when he ordered the eviction of the New Haven Occupy protestors only to be stopped dead in his tracks by a federal court order.

It's no use, John. You got caught with your pants down. You had all the charm of an Amber Alert.

Give him a call at 203.877.2269. Tell him it's no use. He looked stupid. His explanations for this on-again, off-again spasm are as convincing as a sterile man's promise to produce offspring.

I was invited to call in to chat him up. No thanks. I'm on the train to Manhattan in the a.m. on another case. When it comes to the Mayor's sorry rump, all I can say is: "been there, done that."

Don't ask why; just occupy.


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