Judge Hall To The Second Circuit? Go, Go, Go

Another name circulating throughout the state for nomination to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit is Janet Hall's. She currently sits as a District Court judge in Bridgeport. Much though I would hate to lose her as a trial judge, I hope she gets the promotion.

I've appeared before the judge in a number of cases. She is tough, but always well prepared. She doesn't tolerate fools, which, of course, places a special burden on me. But I have learned that solid preparation is respected in her chambers.

Critics contend that she has a temper. That's fine with me, so long as it is connected to a judicial temperament. She possesses a fine intellect, a warm sense of humor and a sharp sense of what fairness requires. I've not always agreed with her decisions, but I have never found fault with her manner of handling things. She's not the sort of judge who has become so besotted with her power that she forgets that a presidential appointment is not the bestowal of the right to play lord of the manor.

I wish her well in the hunt for a nomination.


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