Bysiewicz: Let The Voters Decide

Connecticut Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz is the front runner among candidates seeking the soon-to-be-vacated office of Attorney General. I am not at all surprised. She has been a responsive member of the state House of Representatives and Secretary of the State. Claims that she has not been involved in the practice of law long enough to qualify simply don't make a lot of sense.

Bysiewicz threw her hat in the ring a little more than a week ago. Almost immediately, questions arose about whether she was too green for the job. A state statute requires that the Attorney General have at least ten year's active practice of law in the state.

As it turns out, Ms. Bysiewicz worked as an attorney in private practice for less than ten years. She was then elected a representative and moved on up to Secretary of the State.

Whether the state statute placing limits on who may serve as Attorney General is constitutional or not is a side issue. No matter how this the statute is construed, Bysiewicz is qualified.

One needed chase ambulances, trundle off to criminal court, prepare corporate forms, or review documents in the dead of night to be involved in the practice of law. I suspect that as a lawmaker Bysiewicz relied upon and honed her skill as a lawyer; there is little doubt that as Secretary of the State, she interpreted and enforced laws. She's been a member of the bar for 20 years. And throughout that period, she has been engaged in interpreting, making and enforcing laws. It is not as though she's been selling pencils on a street corner somewhere.

I am not endorsing her for the position of Attorney General, mind you. Although if the state lives up to its image of the Land of Steady Habits, she's be a shoo-in. In some respects, she is the female doppelganger of the current occupant of the office, Richard Blumenthal, who has announced he is resigning to seek the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Christopher Dodd. Bysiewicz is photogenic, she has an eye for publicity, and she has the ability to tirelessly work the cocktail circuits of the state from Stamford to, well, Willimantic. From time to time, I get an unsolicited note in the mail congratulating me on one thing or another. Just how she spots my doings is an impressive piece of public relations.

Bysiewicz's qualifications are really a non-issue. Ever cautious, she has sought an opinion from Blumenthal on whether she meets the statutory requirements. Watching these two eye one another across the dance floor is exquisite political theater. These are two experienced polls who calculate every grimace.

I say let the voters decide whether she is qualified or not. Should she win the election, and someone truly believes that she is not qualified, bring the issue to a court. At least that would give us the chance to take aim at a silly law.

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  • Ok, Ok, you convinced me. Oh wait,...not so fast, ...
    Ok, Ok, you convinced me. Oh wait,...not so fast, attorney-general-breath! We have a woman AG in Mass. Ahem!?!
    And then I remember the utter failures of omission and commission by former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno. I felt she left a lot to be desired. So, I don't mean to be 'sexist',...but, as a male, I say the bar should be set very high indeed for women. (And for men as well.) I'm sorry, but Hillary, the 'attorney', does not cut it for me. Her current position, obviously a payoff by Mr. Obama. If she had really been a 'man' about it, she would have declined the offer, divorced her hubby, and then hit the lecture-circuit to lecture the youngsters about corruption and incompetence in government, both state and federal.
    Hillary, you know who, is a disgrace to my generation. But then again, so is that no-good husband of hers. Maybe its that damn law school in CT they both went to?
    Come to think, that dyslexic 'Mission-Accomplished' Bush-or-Bust 43 was no prize either. Did not this spoiled-brat for a prez also go to Yale? I hope he enjoyed the cafeteria food. Let us not 'misunderestimate' HIS accomplishments!?! I smell a continuing conspiracy to establish permanent political 'dynasties', and I don't like it one bit. (Bloomy went to Yale to, if not mistaken,...and I thought it was the 'water'. What DO they teach there?)
    I have already come out publicly against Busy Bysie. Perhaps I should reconsider? She cannot possibly be worse than Bloomy, that highly overrated publicity-hound. The Bloom is off the Rose, trust it. The salad days of wine and Roses are finito. This man should NOT run for governor. And if he runs, he should not be elected. You can spend only so many years in 'public service' without losing touch with the common folk, the 'electorate'. Why does everybody have to make a career out of public service?
    Mayor Bloomberg of NYC is an example of someone who gets it right--my opinion.
    One can only hope that the good people of CT will do the right thing. It does not look good. Bysie, I hope you know what you're doing?
    You have been patiently waiting in the wings for your turn. You appear to have done your homework, and may be every bit as qualified as Norm thinks you are. Good luck! You will need it.
    Posted on January 25, 2010 at 3:28 am by William Doriss

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