Hacker Alert!

Well, I knew I'd stirred a hornet's nest by writing about the Trial Lawyers College. But refraining from writing has stirred an even bigger nest, and attracted this blog's first hacker.

I received a note today from an apparently friendly alum asking why I had seen the need to label a certain ex-staffer as rowing without oars in the water. I was puzzled by the note. I know the staffer to whom the writer referred, and there is no question that this person was not the target of my ire. I had done no such thing.

As I was preparing to write on another topic, I noticed that the IP address of my cowardly lion, the person who writes half a dozen times a day or more to express chagrin at me, was in a different typeface than previously. I clicked on the address, and was directed to the log in page for another blog page.

I am naive about the ways of hackers, but someone out there is not. I have been hacked. To avoid future harm to the reputation of a friend, I have eliminated the IP address from the earlier post. "Lunatic Fringe, I Know You're Out There ..." When this IP address is run on Google, it lists only servers and stray comments on bizzare stuff.

My, my, my, what twisted souls struggle to be heard. One would think that if they had something to say, they'd start their own blog page, rather than trying to sabotage another's. But thank you for reading, caring and sharing, even if what you've offered is twisted.

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  • So many posts on this board, are deemed
    Annon, to ...
    So many posts on this board, are deemed
    Annon, to be deleted by Admin, of voicelss Native
    Americans, never accorded citizen/ person
    status by Spence's so called TLC Warriors.
    A nameless Native American
    to be deleted by Norm's button pushing
    coward Clary, so called Warrior,
    sees Native Americans in the same Way,
    just the deleted class of Americans.
    You won't read that, here.
    Posted on October 28, 2009 at 8:27 am by Anonymous
  • 1) This is what J R Clary put up on his blog on
    1) This is what J R Clary put up on his blog on
    Sept 10, 2009:
    "So, how does one counter persistent, shrill horseshit anyway – particularly when presented eloquently? You cannot simply squelch it, for that tramples the right of every citizen to insert his two cents of horseshit into the American marketplace of ideas, even when it’s worth considerably less than that sum."
    2) On Sept 5, 2009, the blog Simple Justice did a piece about TLC, it was the major venue on the "cult" suggestions linking TLC.
    3) Mr Clary does not even note Norm P in his blog piece.( some TLC known members, names so stated) attack Mr Pattis latter on, after Sept 11, 2009, i. e 9-11-09).
    4) On Oct 27, 2009, Mr Pattis put out some ALARM, Hacker Alert, flowing from his encounter with TLC people( a staffer not pleased on some links to soem lunatics---out there.
    5) Now, on Oct 29, 2009, the Indian questions come up, as TLC and its LOGOS have heavy overlays with the Warrior aspect of matters.
    6) There appears not to be one suit on behalf of Natives(Indians) by the TLC attorneys, who are so named attacking Norm Pattis(so named in the Clary BLOG).
    7) Mr Clary uses the word "counter".
    The title of the Simple Justice Blog piece was
    "Confronting the cult". Mr Clary never mentions Mr Greenfield, teh author of the subject piece, or hsi piece, or one point in that piece.
    8) Mr Clary just assumes that any citizen who is not a named TLC member is engaged in horseshit, immediatly dismisses there concerns,
    and declares some "win", as if that is added to the Spence 100% win method.
    9) Mr Clary misses the point, he fails to address any points in the Simple Justice piece.
    10) In that Mr Clary is from La, he may not be very familiar with Native American legal issues on th high plains. There is not enough bandwith--here--to go into that, now.
    11) Rex brands comments here "crap", which is the same version of Clary's "horseshit".
    12) He too never addressed one concern raised by Mr Pattis.
    Annon/ 14... I never was engaged in any thing remotedly linked with any criminal hacking.
    If Mr Pattis thinks posting on his blog is criminl hacking, he sure never put that "monkey" on Rex's back, when he posted here--at this BLOG, totally controlled by Blog Master, Norm
    Posted on October 29, 2009 at 9:00 am by Anonymous
  • Mr Clary has really been monitoring your site, Nor...
    Mr Clary has really been monitoring your site, Norm. Eagle eye, MONITOR J R.
    Wow, pow wow has he every.
    And, he has put up stone walls on his BLOG, some ranch exclusive to keep the riff-raff off the TLC lanes.
    Tender Loving Care/59.
    Posted on October 29, 2009 at 10:51 am by Anonymous
  • Norm
    you have the same software as Clary on your ...
    you have the same software as Clary on your BLOG
    AN ANNON is not required to put in an email.( nobody needs some TLC games on peoples' emails do THEY.....?)
    Duh, J R is losing it, grasping now to make up stuff.
    He is so out of his gord now, after never responding at allow Simple Justice(SHG).
    Norm, screeen people before they can be allowed to post,(HERE) get a full background check, SS #'s, bank records, all confirmation names at the church, all router IP numbers, all GPS locations,(see J R on his GPS coordinates, thing), it just isn't right for any to go on a board filled with TLC WARRIORS, who are there to pat J R on that back,(pump that TLC EGO), when he never replied to Simple Justice--the main VENUE.
    It was not about ANNONS, never really about ANONS, Check the dates, it was Simple Justice that got J R all jacked up.
    Such J R fury, it is astounding.
    Some of the La Baton Rouge LOVE, in full display, to keep up the FRONT.
    (feel the luv from J R., it is grace in motion, hardly.).
    I swear Norm I played B-BALL at St Stepehens on the Reservation in( it is so long ago I can't give the exact date), maybe J R has all the records on that.(given his latest rage of fury)
    Best Regards,
    ANNON.... well kind of...
    Posted on October 29, 2009 at 11:11 am by Anonymous
  • Mr. Clary is the newest member of TLC's board havi...
    Mr. Clary is the newest member of TLC's board having been hand selected by the Spence wannabe new president of TLC. The cronies have their big pow wow at Spence's multi million dollar estate in Santa Barbara next week. Watch out after the meeting. They have already axed 4 board members, exercised censorship of the Warrior, some want to censor the list serve (hmmmm no wonder there are so few posts on the list serve), have cut back on the use of psychodramatists, have cut back on the use of Karton, will be getting rid if staff who havent or wont pledge allegiance to the new leadership (and his alleged "vision"), have reduced and virtually eliminated all minoritiea from the board, have decreased the number of women on the board, refused to share any financial info, operate under an invalid lease, will bewant to have the alumni pay for some library monument to Spence
    Posted on October 29, 2009 at 12:13 pm by Anonymous
  • Lets get down to the real deal:
    Lawyers, and blogs...
    Lets get down to the real deal:
    Lawyers, and blogs:
    Do some lawyers see a blog as, one where if it has to deal with comments, it is not forking in that $ 400/ hr. ?( or is that some calculus of opportunity costs)...and CRAP A la REX--and the word to Norm....
    Could that be behind the Clary tirades--too, his abusive manner of treating posters ?
    Yet, he was using his BLOG for pumping him self ( J R), ads, some PROMO for J R.
    It seems Norm is more tolerant, on trying to decipher concerns(contrast CLARY going POSTAL),
    Clary can't even tell an email from a BLOG POST.
    So, why would he have some keen analysis on any solid conclusions on matters raised on the "CULT" by Master Blooger, Scott at Simple Justice ? repeat that was raised by that BLOG....Recall, the ANNONS have no BLOG, are just chopped liver.
    If you don't want comments on a BLOG put up those BIG UNWELCOME FLASHING ALERTS......?
    So far, the inducments were THERE...
    Posted on October 29, 2009 at 12:46 pm by Anonymous
  • Another BOARD, from a TLC blogger is up.(ON TLC MA...
    Another BOARD, from a TLC blogger is up.(ON TLC MATTERS), well was befroe, jsut more active of late, not sure Norm knew, he would find of interest, if he saw comments.
    He seems like a real genuine candid person.(he lays some stuff out, BIG TIME.
    I am reluctant to give the details, or the URL etc.(HERE)
    He is a straight shooter, really good guy.
    I won't give his name, (if you can google good luck). I will give you a clue he is from Neb( Corn Huskers, GO BIG RED)......
    It would be interesting to be in Santa Barbara, when Clary floats in there,( Gee, some flight from the swamps). I wonder if Gerry will ask him to cut his BULL...(or if you will, "horseshit".
    Any see Spences latest on the FBI...my my, his latest BLOG...
    It an't easy getting old FOLKS, it is like some DRAMA one reads in Shakespeare the stuff unfolding around Spence and his INTERCIRCLE.
    Posted on October 29, 2009 at 4:18 pm by Anonymous
    "Anything supposedly substantive but posted anonymously just causes people to roll their eyes." R J Clary
    Most of the posts here are ANNON.
    So, regardless of what an ANNON says, people "roll their eyes",(CLARY TAKE), short hand (code) are deemed nuts, crazy or the other ways of pissing on ANNONS, toy with 'em., etc.
    The way the internet Blogs work is the BLOG master controls the buttons, people come from different places figuratively, and indeed from a whole range of concerns, perspectives
    Some do not know the BLOG MASTER,( not his PARD, or BEST BUD) do not know what the trust level is, other things, so, that is why ANNONS, (underline: the medium is the message, how communication modes operate..it is not in the linear world, DIGATAL factors)
    Some put up the TROLL CODE 101, s-names, ANNON etc.
    However, there is a BLOG MASTER code, too, and it is in the case of "in irons' J R Clary abusive , to some...(his ANNON prejudice from the get GO.)
    Instead of dealing with Norms concerns, or those of Simple Justice, the game is to brand others as wack jobs, and Norms's name was out there.
    I wanted to study the M O of Blogs in depth, the cross currents.
    I have a higher trust level with Norm, I don't find Clary is being candid.
    He immediately castigates ANNONS.
    Clary don't mean much to some, they have no case with him, no expectation of some big score. His dismissive arrogant attidude with people is ill advised, it is pure follies.
    He puts it up as GOSPEL, some CODE OF THE BLOGS.(is it in a word: "horseshit" ?
    Posted on October 29, 2009 at 4:44 pm by Anonymous
  • I am not French.
    I went on the blog site of
    J R C...
    I am not French.
    I went on the blog site of
    J R Clary, on his section that
    he had entitled " horseshit".
    I was not sure if Mr Clary would be
    fair, or had some agenda on his
    Blog. I addressed matters of concern to
    me. I put in my name in Galeic, my
    His site did not require me to
    put in an email.
    He removed my post, then went on
    a rabid attack in a whole separate
    piece on his blog.
    I won't get into the substance of
    what I posted there- here.
    His horeshit piece seemed to
    be written from some agenda perspective.
    I wanted to share my actual experience
    I had with Mr Clary, here.
    It was not a good one.
    He allowed so called TLC VIP's
    carte blanch to flame out
    on his comment section on
    his piece entitled " horseshit".
    Posted on October 30, 2009 at 3:35 am by Anonymous
  • Annon:
    I don't know who you are or what your inte...
    I don't know who you are or what your interest in all this is, but here is my take:
    1. I am not sure why you bother reading me or Mclary, but to the degree you hope to get me to read his page and respond to it, you will fail. I looked at it once in September and have not since. Anyone who can credit TLC with making him human is not someone I can take seriously.
    2. Someone writing here seems to think I am part of some sub rosa TLC cabal. If I am, I do not know it. I've said my piece and am frankly content to move on. If a bunch of adults want to play Lord of the Flies with one another, they can. I have nothing more to contribute.
    3. Someone writing here says there is a new TLC-related blog. If so, I wish someone would provide me a link so that I direct you and others there.
    Thanks for reading,
    Posted on October 30, 2009 at 3:57 am by Norm Pattis
  • I have not read Lord of the Flies.
    Sorry, but that...
    I have not read Lord of the Flies.
    Sorry, but that is like an inside baseball
    expression, to some not up on such a game.
    I have no idea what you are talking
    about Norm, and won't be reading Lord of
    the flies to decode your posts.
    Posted on October 30, 2009 at 4:09 am by Anonymous
  • " Lord of the Flies" is a synomny for
    Satan in Heb...
    " Lord of the Flies" is a synomny for
    Satan in Hebrew.
    You are getting too deep for me.
    I am not sure what references to
    Satan in an allegoric sense have
    to do with some power struggles
    in TLC, currently.
    Obviously, you are much more up on
    some matters than others
    Posted on October 30, 2009 at 4:22 am by Anonymous
  • Humans want to be human, that is there essence.
    I ...
    Humans want to be human, that is there essence.
    I wonder if TLC is selling the notion
    that lawyers are not fully human to
    function in the law unless they are
    inculcated in TLC methods.
    Therefore. It is really a power trip for some
    in the TLC upper tier to whip a
    power trip on those deemed the
    TLC " sheep"
    can any add, to the TLC ways
    in this regard, or all now in some
    silent mode at this point ?
    Posted on October 30, 2009 at 5:07 am by Anonymous
  • So, if one is not a fully TLC inculcated
    So, if one is not a fully TLC inculcated
    methodize, put through the sheep dip, process,
    the one is not even a human, as a lawyer,
    or in any other capacity.
    Is this the TLC thing to boil it down to
    its core.
    If so it is a disgusting, and insulting notion.
    No wonder Clary got bent out of
    shap when some got inside his
    thing on his web, and he freaked out.
    Posted on October 30, 2009 at 5:21 am by Anonymous
  • Clary was made more human by TLC methods.
    That is ...
    Clary was made more human by TLC methods.
    That is farically, see how he totally freaked out
    when he had to confont real humans,
    see the. Comments , etc on his web.
    Clary has some serious problems now.
    On hacked here, of course people come to
    a blog, you all held yourself out as some androids,
    annointed in TLC holy water.
    Posted on October 30, 2009 at 5:56 am by Anonymous
  • J.R. Clary is a good man. Norm Partis is a good ma...
    J.R. Clary is a good man. Norm Partis is a good man. They have different opinions and viewpoints about TLC as do many others who blog. If TLC and it's alumni can't tolerate different opinions, it shouldn't exist. It is supposed to be an organization that believes and teaches openness and honesty. When those in leadership positions chastise, shun, punish, censor, excommunicate or attack those who do not agree with them, it invites criticism and proves the truth of what it's detractors are saying. Recent events make TLC look like a cult where everyone is expected to sign on to and support the party line. This is truly frightening.
    Posted on October 30, 2009 at 8:48 am by Anonymous
  • Amen!
    Posted on October 30, 2009 at 1:33 pm by Anonymous
  • That " target of your ire" is that
    joined with all...
    That " target of your ire" is that
    joined with all that Blog power you
    hold Norm, as you say you are
    blowing " gas in their ears". ?
    Oooooop, your Hacker thing sounds like you
    " gas in the ears", was some very loose
    Target of your ire you say..
    In 2006, you referred to TLC
    " as filled with nuts",
    Was that some target of your
    "ire", and lose gas.
    Gee Norm. you and J R Clary and
    your targets, some on going thing.
    Do you have to invent the hacker thing
    to boot strap some more of your
    target practices ?
    Most interesting.
    Annon/ 8
    Posted on October 31, 2009 at 12:45 pm by Anonymous
  • I was reading about the life of John O'Quinn, a pe...
    I was reading about the life of John O'Quinn, a personal injury lawyer in Texas.
    He died recently, in a car accident in Houston, and he was written up in the 10/31/09 New York Times.( page A-18)
    What a colorful life he had. He must have been the richest plaintiff's lawyers in Texas.
    He never graduated from college.( J D from Houston Law school). And, he was never a member of TLC. He was not noted by TLC expert Norm on those TLC donor lists, etc.
    He was vilified by proponents of tort reform.
    He had a rough upbringing, and a friend said of him: "Hungry dogs hunt better".
    The Doctors of a Texas Hospital(St Lukes) refused his $ 25 million gift to that hospital, outraged by his antics on breast implant litigation.
    In contrast, TLC is the center of this thing where ANNONS are the "targets", and yet all these so called Warrior attorneys, are making ANNONs a diversion from the squabble that started between Norm and Spence and TLC.
    Most likely John O Quinn didn't care one hoot for an outfit like TLC.
    Most curoiously, both Norm and
    head Warrior/ TLC J R go on about the piss ant annons, those who are so powerless, little people, the troll knee jerk dogma.(Digital GOSPEL, spread by Simple Justice, and the marketing big Apple Blogo of the NET.)
    Yet, this squabble was between named TLC sorts, Norm Ex TlC instructor, who says he "dusted off his boots", from the Wyoming dust and grit.
    Norm's Hacker invention, it just won't hunt, it is some more of his "loose gas".
    But, whose ears did it spread to now ?
    Huh, all you Ranchero HANDS. ?
    John O"quinn grew up working in car repair shops, getting lots of grease under his fingernails--before he went to Law School.
    He said of law school:
    "From minuinte 1 of day one of class one, I felt like a duck who'd gone to water.".
    In contrast, Spence blogBroadcasts touts law schools as a "fraud( BLOG world of the TLC founder).
    Posted on October 31, 2009 at 5:00 pm by Anonymous
  • Norm--you should be gratifed.
    Your biggest groupie...
    Norm--you should be gratifed.
    Your biggest groupie, and defender is J R Clary.(and he wants to drive home his points: the Annons have no cattle and no big cowyboy hats.( off the reservations, so to speak)
    See, David's Blog( in the Moment... you can get their via google : Moment CULT TLC..
    those Piss ant ANNONS, are now consuming the time of the TLC spokesman,
    The dust up, and Norm kicking the Wyo dust off his feet.
    This has more to do with Blogs/ I-NET, Net wiring, and the study of WWW, etc....
    You asked why........................
    It never struck me that most lawyers build much in society, bridges, NET-wiring, Genome-projects, they are the first group to
    be in the Net of that Lord(s) of the Flies, their sense of anarchy is almost inbred.
    You are playing with the Flies, Norm, toying with them, as you have since July of 2006,
    So, does that make you LORD of the TLC flies...?
    On the piss ants(ANNONS), it must infuriate you you can't herd them etc.
    Mike has it wrong, the ANNONS(from TLC are not manipulating you, you are jacking them up big time.
    But, the ANNON(s), other, that was a curve ball, Norm, you must have never put in your calculus on matters
    Posted on October 31, 2009 at 5:52 pm by Anonymous

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