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  • Norm: I just saw your new poll. Why are letting o...
    Norm: I just saw your new poll. Why are letting others manipulate you into starting a separate blog? It takes less than five minutes to start one. Why haven't the malcontents done so already?
    They are simply sheep looking for you to be their Anti-Christ. The cult/religious metaphors still abound. Lacking meaning or feeling rejected by Spence, they want to find meaning in an anti-Spence.
    Let them find their religion elsewhere. Or let them find religion within themselves. You are only enabling their dependence by starting a blog for them. After all, it really does take less than 5 minutes. Make them take the initiative.
    You need to brush up on your "Beyond Good and Evil," my friend. Open your eyes to what these people are doing. They are manipulating you.
    They are two-faced and weak; but also petty-minded and vindictive. They are attempting to draw you into a circle to fight. If it's a fight worth having, why won't THEY jump into the circle?
    Their attempts are part ego manipulation (you backed down from Rex); part morality (do the right thing; don't abandon us). The theme is the same: Be our anti-Christ.
    P.S. I posted this comment publicly rather than a private e-mail for a reason. I want to give a giant FUCK YOU to the PATHETIC souls. Norm might be too gracious to see you for what you are. I see your blackened souls, and know very well what you are doing.
    Start your own Spence-damned blog. But that would take courage, wouldn't it?
    All I've seen is an absence of courage. The same people who will join Gerry in the Circle of Love at the next TLC profess their hate anonymously. Then they'll attack Norm because Norm won't offer a forum for the profession of hate. The theme is simple: You hate those you cannot manipulate. Which reveals much more about the sheep than it does Spence or Norm.
    Posted on October 25, 2009 at 4:28 pm by Mike
  • Some food for thought for Norm's readers and all h...
    Some food for thought for Norm's readers and all human beings on OUR pathway here on earth. Enjoy and make this your best day ever!
    You will receive a body.
    You may like it or hate it,
    but it's yours to keep
    for the entire period.
    You will learn lessons.
    You are enrolled in a full-time,
    informal school called life.
    There are no mistakes, only lessons.
    Growth is a process of trial, error
    and experimentation.

    The "failed" experiments are as much
    a part of the process as the experiments
    that ultimately "work".
    Lessons are repeated until they are learned.
    A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it.
    When you have learned it,
    you can go on to the next lesson.
    Learning lessons does not end.
    There is no part of life that doesn't
    contain it's lessons.
    If you're alive,
    there are still lessons to be learned.
    "There" is no better than "here".
    When your "there" has become "here",
    you will simply obtain another "there"
    that will again look better than "here".
    Other people are merely mirrors of you.
    You can not love or hate something
    about another person unless it reflects to you
    something you love or hate about yourself.
    What you make of your life is up to you.
    You have all the tools and resources you need.
    What you do with them is up to you.
    The choice is yours.
    by Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott
    Posted on October 26, 2009 at 2:42 am by Anonymous
  • But I like being a pussy
    But I like being a pussy
    Posted on October 26, 2009 at 12:33 pm by Anonymous
  • It is sad that some folks felt like they had to be...
    It is sad that some folks felt like they had to be nasty to you simply because you spoke your truth and much truth about Spence and TLC. But when people become members of a cult (either knowingly or unknowingly) they become so blind that they can't tolerate any negative or even truthful criticism of the cult.
    Wish you were going to keep posting as you have opened the eyes of many of us. The others....well they want to remain blind.
    Posted on October 27, 2009 at 5:09 am by Anonymous
  • Dear Norm:
    The cultist are holding pray meetings
    Dear Norm:
    The cultist are holding pray meetings
    in TLC to pray your mental illness goes away.
    See the Clary scrubbed WWW site.
    Your friend and the last true believer
    Jarvis James
    class of 04
    P. S
    I may start a blog soon,
    on cult voodoo in the practice
    of mind control law, to fleece so
    many sheep.
    Thanks, the intercircle prays
    you keep hope, alive, with your
    pieces that are responded to with
    Clary " horseshit" pieces.
    Posted on October 27, 2009 at 6:27 am by Anonymous
  • I have been reading about the sweat lodge deaths a...
    I have been reading about the sweat lodge deaths at the retreat led by self help guru James Arthur Ray. Anyone else notice similarities with TLC events?Psychodrama has negatively affected several people. Marriages destroyed, spouses cheated on, extreme alcohol abuse. One expert says "people who turn to self-improvement gurus are typically intelligent, but seem to voluntarily abandon rationality. There's a fear of leaving it, and there's a fear among the group of saying, 'The emperor is naked.'"
    Sounds just like TLC. Spence is the guru through whom TLC attendees are told they are special, unique and can become better human beings and better trial lawyers if they work to know and improve themselves. Follow the TLC method and you will get better verdicts. Don't step out of line, don't criticize us and don't ask questions. And most alumni are afraid to leave TLC and even more afraid to say anything remotely negative or critical about TLC.
    Posted on October 27, 2009 at 10:51 am by Anonymous
  • Dear Sweating it, Annon, and Norm:
    I certainly am...
    Dear Sweating it, Annon, and Norm:
    I certainly am not implying that Norm is mentally ill, or that TLC directly caused any mental illness in Norm.(the key caustive link). If people want to pray for Norm, if TLC spokespersons, admit it has no "intellectual capacity" to deal with what it has unleashed, that is beyond my control.
    My true beliefs, are mine alone, I do not hold you responsible if you think I am insane, because I happened to travel to outer-space in Wyoming.
    Jarvis James
    A lunatic at large, out-here, who loves fireside marshmellow roasts.
    Posted on October 27, 2009 at 12:27 pm by Anonymous
  • We pray you get well, Norm.
    May God bless you, and...
    We pray you get well, Norm.
    May God bless you, and take away
    your troubles. We are praying that
    all the Annons find Peace.
    Father James
    Bro of Jarvis
    Grad of sister school to
    St Stephens, a Wind River Resv School,
    class of 59/ St A/ Central Wyo
    Posted on October 28, 2009 at 10:09 am by Anonymous
  • Dear Norm:
    Thank you for posting up my wishes of g...
    Dear Norm:
    Thank you for posting up my wishes of good will towards all, with rancor towards none.
    You do raise serious questions, if I may be so humble to say, in America, on some matters.
    For your information, you may find a piece of interest on page A-6 of today's(10/28/09) NY Times on
    " French Court convicts Scientolgy fraud".
    What is significant in that piece in the NY Times noted: "The Group( Scientology) is regarded by the Internal Revene Service as a religion in the United States, but has no similer legal protection in France."
    Mr GreenField(Simple Justice) apparently regards TLC as a "cult". Mr Clary never responded to that, if any take the time to examine in his piece(separte BLOG) in a precise reading of it.
    This gets very tricky, the questions of religion, the IRS treatments, non-profits, etc.
    Some here seem to frame the issue as a "cult of personality"( e. g Mike, etc).
    My relative has a Ph'D from Harvard in compartive religious studies, and I will be consulting her on the matters.
    If one simply wraps an entity under a
    501(c)(3), says it is providing education,(Declarations), then IRS special treatment is provided( most times).
    The Sieera Club lost its tax emempt status on the one part of it, due to some of its political activity.
    I am not particularly keen to go to the ranch, given the freight charges, but perhaps some of your readers may explore attending non-profit seminars, and learning the arcane, and complex rules on non-profits, foundations, etc.
    I make no value judgements on the ranch, TLC etc, --others will have to go there.
    Acorn--- it traffics in that nether world beteween non-profit, profit, and politics.
    I was shocked ot learn that the President of Acorn(now ex) who was from Wyoming, had a brother who swindled ACORN OUT OF A MILLION DOLLARS. iT WAS ALL WORKED OUT IN THE ACORN FAMILY, AND NO CRIMINAL CHARGES WERE FILED BY AUTHORTIES.
    Also, some sects call attacks on its entites
    "inquisitions for modern times".
    I write you not to provide any proclamations, or pontifications, but merely to point out this area is fraught with vast complexity. Next time you run by Dubois, stop by St Stephens on the Reservation, it has a beautiful Chapel.

    Father James/ J D/ etc
    Posted on October 28, 2009 at 11:19 am by Anonymous
  • Dude, you seem to have a homing signal that beckon...
    Dude, you seem to have a homing signal that beckons to crazy people. Wow.
    Posted on October 28, 2009 at 11:57 am by Anonymous
  • Dear Annon:
    Dear Annon:
    The IRS sets the rules, not any Club.
    I don't belong to any 501(c), ORG, or any
    Scientolgy based Org. With all due respect, the Warriors(see prior pieces by N P on the so called WARRIORS) claim they are this tribal outfit,( like some split thing for tax purposes), but they operate in layers, from P C's, to L. L C's, to non-profits etc.
    It is as layered as if Exxon, or Shell, or G M.
    And, I can't find TLC (its members have done much of anything for any Tribe in Wyoming.) Nor does lexis reveal that to any major degree.
    However, now, that you raised the point, if Norm will be so gracious to allow a response.
    Take the words of your supposed big Chiefe Cheese, G Spence., see page 307 of Spence's 1996 book, he states: "An Indian rarely left the bar until
    his money was gone and he had to be carried out like you carry out a dead man. I've seen the floors of saloons litttered with drunken Indians lying still as death, in their own vomit."( Fremont County Wyo, per Gerry S)
    I gather you jet-setted in to Jackson Hole, then presto to the RANCH(Warrior Pow WOWS), and never made it further South deeper into the real Wyoming.
    Ironic, the Warrior Logo, superimposed over TLC, etc.
    The law cases show Spence did nada for native Americans in Wyooming, that one can find, even in a long search.
    But, homing devices come in all shades, and ranges.
    I have learned over the years to adjust the frequency on such devices. On "crazy people", you must think they have a a set range of IP's, suppose that comes with your own set of mirrors, to determine that, Lord ANNON.
    Father James
    Posted on October 28, 2009 at 1:59 pm by Anonymous
  • Racism has always been alive and well at the Ranch...
    Racism has always been alive and well at the Ranch. Racial faux paid or downright offensive conduct is excused or over looked. One member of the so called "tribe" is a self professed native American who runs around during the cult graduation ceremony in a homemade costume and feather in his chair. It is offensive to folks who are actually native American. Then, the cult leaders find it entertaining to have local native Americans come to dance for the white members of Spence's tribe. The native Americans are treated like monkeys in a show. It is a very graphic display of ignorance as is the use of native American terms to describe parts of TLC. It is not a tribe and they are not warrios and Spence is no chief. Please treat the native Americans with respect rather like we exist solely for you entertainment.
    Posted on October 29, 2009 at 2:09 am by Anonymous
  • Gerry's Buffalo Bill Show,
    buck skin, and Warrior...
    Gerry's Buffalo Bill Show,
    buck skin, and Warrior pow wows
    it sure worked to get the dudes to
    fly in for some entertainment.
    Take in some Jackson Hole
    Teton delights.
    You all loved it, and put it on
    your IRS 1040 as a detuction,
    professional education expenses.
    You are Warriors-- right,
    that was the program, and you got
    your own Warrior Magazine,
    featured on the Net,
    paying homage to de Club, TLC
    El Rancho.
    Posted on October 29, 2009 at 3:38 am by Anonymous
  • You mean J R Clary does'n't strike
    you as the Denn...
    You mean J R Clary does'n't strike
    you as the Dennis Banks, of the
    Warrior tribal Council. ?
    Last time, I checked the legal reports,
    it was a banking lawyer, who came to the
    assistance of Tribes( Crow. Etc) to sue
    the Dept of Interior for it's massive
    billion $$$ rip offs of Native Americans
    I guess you never read about that
    in the Spence Warrior Magazines.
    Posted on October 29, 2009 at 6:55 am by Anonymous
  • Are the millions of tourist who see Indian
    dances ...
    Are the millions of tourist who see Indian
    dances in Az, Wyoming, New Mexico, etc
    each year, somehow people falling
    in the trap of Annon's above post. ?
    Gerry put on a show, you were dude
    tourists, besides you got CLE credits,
    and nobody in the TLC highe
    Gerry Council speaks for genunie real
    native Americans.
    Posted on October 29, 2009 at 8:05 am by Anonymous
  • Wow! Your latest poll shows that nearly FOURTY, ye...
    Wow! Your latest poll shows that nearly FOURTY, yes 40% of the alumni responding to your poll either say they are NOT a better lawyer for having attended TLC or can't tell. Pretty pathetic results for an organization that claims they are the cream of the crop, best, most effective lawyer training program in the U.S.
    Posted on October 29, 2009 at 11:57 am by Anonymous
  • Norm;
    you have this poll up about Blogging on TLC...
    you have this poll up about Blogging on TLC. You never did a poll, before, when you posted about 25 pieces, long long before the brew ha ha.. that evolved.(the Hornets NEST... STING CITY)
    So, some of those ANNONS will be the factor in matters ? Your GAME plane set up ?? Hmmm
    So, the next pretext is, the manipulators, toyed with your ego, and that is why you wrote those 25 prior pieces, etc.(the MIKE lay it on the lunatics who control Norm's bran waves.)
    That fits just cosy with the logic of J R Clary.(now going POSTAL--hig BLOG)
    Norm, I had nothing to do with any of the pieces you wrote on TLC.
    I am not a stake holder in TLC.
    I could care less about the WARRIOR Pump P R.
    I am not on the rolls, that J R Clary, checks(TLC MAIN Central) with posts on his data mining.(Clary data mining on the "TROUBLE MAKERS", cross indexed, etc.
    If you are going to write stuff on TLC etc, why do you need to link it to some others, like they control Norm's mind, brain waves.
    You seem to think that a great many of the ANONNS are lunatics, posting that up(here).
    So, your poll is an ANNON thing, too, how do you not know that 85 % of the people voting are those same persons you brand as "lunatics".
    IS this some straw man poll... Yes, a staw man exercise like so many other sraw men exercises on the TLC CLUB THING
    We are seeing staw- MEN exercises 301, per Norm/ played off of Clary, on rounding up the natives and controling 'em on the RESERVATION.
    Some saw that thing before, didn't they > ?
    Posted on October 29, 2009 at 2:26 pm by Anonymous
  • So, where is it all at, and OVERVIEW of
    LEGAL wiri...
    So, where is it all at, and OVERVIEW of
    LEGAL wiring in the MODERN WORLD POST
    Microsoft operating systems:

    Gerry Spence has had several defamation suits:
    1) he sued for Miss Wyo, in Pring V. Hustler
    He got an over $ 10 million verdict in the U S District Court in Wyo. That jury verdict was set aside on appeal. In essence, the Appeal Court ruled the writngs were not facts,(statements of fact) but paradoy fiction, the entire jury verdict was set aside.. It centered on fictional blow jobs(street lingo), in Hustler Magazine.
    2) Spence sued Hustler, and Larry Flynt again in a whole series of suits for Andrea Dworkin, a well known feminist writer.
    She used as foul of langauge as Larry Flynt(Hustler King PIN), in her discourse, and writings
    Those suits were all dismissed, and are reported cases.(Federal 9th Cir), the suits were dissmissed on motions, to dissmiss as the complaints did not state a cause of action, matters never even went to summary judgement(SJ) stage.
    3) Spence personally, as plaintiff, sued Larry Flynt again, for Hustler putting Spence in his Magazine as ass hole of the month.
    His Jackson hole law firm was his attorney in the matters.(repeat Spence the plaintiff)
    The Suit went to the Wyoming Supreme Court, that ruled Spence could sue Flynt and Hustler.
    What result happned there after does not seem to be out there, reported on.
    So, Spence(his Firm) has a record of suing in matters where he does not like some stuff.
    Significantly, the above matters were before,
    the personal computer, the I-Net, blogs, etc.
    Mr Rex Parris got a masive jury verdict against the Ex CEO of Guess Jeans, matter is on appeal..
    Mr J R Clary touts himself as quite the P I lawyer.
    Reportedly, Spence, Clary, and Parris are meeting at Spences Mansion in Santa Barbara next week.
    Some regard some people as trolls who were noted, and the belittling lingo used, would make Andrea Dworkin blush, if any she was still alive. She kicked the bucket.
    So, what is curious is this staw- mem thing, the way it is all vectoring with TLC sorts.
    Rex, Clary, Spence, Mike, etc etc.
    TLC is not a logo anymore than TENDER LOVING CARE(TLC).
    Plus, how can we forget, Mr Simple Justice, and
    his cult piece.
    By the way, how many of you have been officially certified as a Lunatic ?
    Has Mr Clary got a M D, or training, he bragged he was at some police Academy, seems to have no mental health training.
    So called TLC, is not a advanced college program taught by certifed trained people in
    psychatric matters
    Mr ex Police Commissioner(SHG), now posts up,
    he is "just a lawyer".
    This notion that some how people went to law school at various universities somehow lost being a human being, and only some TLC traning can convert some to being human, again, is most curious, in this roll out, now being illustrated, on severl different logs. blogs, SLOGS, N P, Clary, Simple Justice, and now some others.
    Further, a blog is not private email.
    Personal computers did not come into wide use until the late 1980's, later the internet, and later blogs came into being.
    Some of the ANNONS who post here are not the fair haired in the TLC circles, which is cross wired between Norm and Clary, both of whom have the same softway portals, both of which does not mandated emals on POSTING up.
    Mr Clary made some alleged factual assertions on that which were way off the radar, be it as bait or other, they were not correct.
    He seems to regared ANNONS as non-human.(his own postings) That was fed by Mr Greenfiled, who did the cult pieces..... on the BLOG, the major items.
    People who post here are not some client of Mr Clary(most likley) not his pard, he sure has a way to belittle those he calls ANNONS(SOME METHOD)
    Posted on October 29, 2009 at 6:16 pm by Anonymous
  • Blog referred to above is by David Tarrell of NE a...
    Blog referred to above is by David Tarrell of NE and is called In The Moment. Great post on there about the FWB, the alumni meeting etc. You can find it via google.
    Posted on October 30, 2009 at 7:38 am by Anonymous
  • Mike,
    regarding your F- U to the sheep,
    this is mo...
    regarding your F- U to the sheep,
    this is most curious, from you as an
    TLC grad.
    Are you sure you still have a sheep
    skin from TLC-U, after J R Clary's
    roll chech, I D checks, email Checks,
    IP checks, etc announced in his
    Clary Blog, latest manifesto.
    Gee it sounded like the Norm in lock
    step move, after the Von Rex shut down
    ( crap) sign.
    Tou better check you official TLC
    sheep standing, Mike,
    all the lemmings are now in abject
    Von Herr Clary is out to I D the
    heritics, and exact his cyber pound
    of flesh( for the High Command de
    You must have known your puppet
    master is not some naive law school
    grad who hardly knows how to file
    assorted motions
    Best Regards/

    yours truly, Annon 12
    Posted on October 30, 2009 at 8:46 am by Anonymous
  • What has Clary been doing on
    checking rolls, with ...
    What has Clary been doing on
    checking rolls, with excommunation orders.
    I know you may not read his horseshit
    site, but Von Clary is really
    struting his stuff for the upcoming meeting
    in Santa Barbara for his emmience.
    TLC/ tender loving care, feel the luv.
    Annon 17
    Posted on October 30, 2009 at 9:00 am by Anonymous
  • David did not start his blog because Norm and
    David did not start his blog because Norm and
    Clary were fuming, and going rabid
    about " free rides"
    David has his blog long before
    Clary dove off the deep end.
    Clary reads this site, and may well put
    David on some black list.
    You may not be aware that Clary is
    Von nasty, and duplicioud.
    Annon 13
    P S
    my Annon IP # did not initially note
    Norm asked for names, now Von
    Clary will do his dirty ruses behind the veil
    yes truly sad
    Posted on October 30, 2009 at 9:12 am by Anonymous
  • CENTER for the STUDY of LAW and the WEB/ and BLOG...
    CENTER for the STUDY of LAW and the WEB/ and BLOGS(as instituted/ HERE----THIS SPACE, HERE/ NOW:
    RE: The Institute to Bestow Human Personhood
    Here we have a grown man in his mid 50's, who states on his profile(WWW):
    "I have absorbed life-lessons at Thunderhead Ranch which allowed me ---after 20 years of practice--- to finally become a person. --- J.R.(Clary).
    Most people become persons when they are born.
    Isn't it wonderful, some feel so unlike humans, they go to Thunderhead, to get bestowed on them "person" status.
    It gets even more curious:
    J R states(HIS WWW profile--his-PAGE:
    "Occupation: One of those Trial Lawyers everyone loves to hate....until they NEED one.
    Location: Baton Rouge : Louisiana "
    Well, some don't need J R, or have "hate" towards him. However, I wonder now that he has bcome a person, does he feel duly entitled to look down his nose at others ?
    Why, it is all over the J R Clary Blog board,
    just google Clary and "horseshit", and see the dynamics., in full display.
    Of course Von Spence promotes that notion that people who have law degrees(from real universitites) are somehow sub-human, unless they cae come to Thunderhead and be blessed, by Von Gerry.
    Why, to further bring home the unhumanized notions, Von Gerry does his writings, Law schools are a fraud, writings to that effect,(those where people go 3 years and work their ass off on substantive matters, so Gerry spreads that via his blog, as course his TLC deacon Clary spreads the word.(BLOG-O-WORD).
    Why even on the VON Clary site Norm is regarded as one whose writings on TLC are a bit off, odd,(See the SITE of Von Clary, where other TLC made human person, take Norm to task,,, Norm the hertic.(away from the FLOCK).
    But, Norm is a celebrated writer, lawyer.(his Blogs are viewed many times over the land. he has establshed himself as one with a smooth cyber-pen.
    He does not need Von Clary's blessing, his ashes on the forehead.
    Here we go through great deabte in the Nation on when a person comes into being. Is it as a fetus, when born, when one goes to first grade.
    Now we know:
    Nobody who worked their ass off for 3 years, can become a person until Von Gerry annoints them with true personhood--as relflected by the example of J R Clary.
    And, so it is written this day of A D, Oct 30, 2009
    Annon 21.
    J D. and other post... from two universities deemed a "fraud" by Von Spence.
    Thunderhead is just a place in Wyo, that has a Barn, and instead of running cattle through the spread, a cash flow is run roping in persons who are looking to become human persons, at the age of 24 plus...
    If one lives, she/(HE) takes in life's lessons.
    Many who were lawyers, never worked with the Microsoft operating system until the late 1980's.
    The BLOG-O- RANTS have only been in existence for a few years, in large meausure.
    Back in late 1850's, the U S Supreme Court declared blacks as not deserving of having any rights as person's citizen in America
    It was not until the 1920's, that Native Americans were even regarded as citizens, finally by some Act of Congress...
    Yet in 1993,(lanuching ot the RANCH) Gerry Spence spreads the notions that U S law grads are subhuman, hardly even recognizable as persons/ humans in America, but he is the savior to redeem and grant them human person status if their pay the TOLL--and no free rides on HIS RANCH, with RANGER J R.
    Is this blow back on some wondering on the "cult" relatd to the above.
    Just wondering....????????????..
    Probably few will read, it is under the SECTION. Lunatics, out there as Framed by TLC GRAD, Norm disciple for/ of Von Gerry
    Posted on October 30, 2009 at 10:10 am by Anonymous
  • STOP!! Both Norm and J.R. Are good, decent, caring...
    STOP!! Both Norm and J.R. Are good, decent, caring men. Lots of us have questions, concerns and opinions about TLC. Some negative and some positive. We should all have the right to express our views without fear of recrimination or personal attack. I don't personally share Mr Clarey's views and am extremely disappointed that he has joined the board headed and run by narcissists, but he has the right to speak his mind. TLC is completely wrong in censoring people and in punishing those who disagree with or speak out against the leadership. But please, let's be better than the board and respect everyone right to their own opinion!
    Posted on October 30, 2009 at 12:25 pm by Anonymous
  • So, Annon, why this great Warrior many month
    So, Annon, why this great Warrior many month
    pissing contest, but not one big named
    cheese El Chiefe
    responded directly to Scott Greenfield.( in any
    Blog, or formally)
    Instead, brave Warriors Norm, and Clary
    go on a crusading pissing match as to others.
    And, you are clusless, now glossing over.
    this Warrior thing. Clary is a total ego- centric
    feako. He is double trouble.
    I just as soon never set foot on
    the Ranch.
    Why did't Clary respond directy
    to the Simple Justice piece( 9/509 by
    Instead he is rolling in his own poop,
    doo- doo.
    Is that a new Warrior ritual ?
    Posted on October 30, 2009 at 2:54 pm by Anonymous
  • Scott Greenfield wrote his sintillating
    piece on ...
    Scott Greenfield wrote his sintillating
    piece on 9/5/09 on Confont the Cult on his
    Simple Justice Blog.
    Mr Clary has lashed out at
    many, see his blog and with so called
    other Warrior Blatherings all over
    Mr Clary 's blog, just google "horseshit and
    Yet, not one salient cogent rational word
    to respond to Mr Greenfield's piece.
    Most telling, & so ironic from this
    el grande Warrior tribe of 1/2 cocked
    fast on the draws, as if some
    cackling den of roosters.
    Posted on October 30, 2009 at 3:49 pm by Anonymous
  • Norm posts up about his " two years kicking
    Norm posts up about his " two years kicking
    around the dust in Wyoming" .
    Is it more like jetting in for very short
    stints to Jackson Hole, down to
    Dubois( the Ranch) for a few weeks.
    Norm likes to confligate his Wyoming
    Must be some fodder to Blog on
    those desolate days of his in Conn,
    far far from Wyoming and his dust kicking.
    Posted on October 30, 2009 at 4:54 pm by Anonymous
  • Norm:
    Isn't googles truly amazing !
    Here is your...
    Isn't googles truly amazing !
    Here is your piece(in part), dated July 21, 2006(appearing on the WWW first on, Crime and Federalism Blog(Maintained by your buddy, Mike--- who looks he says deep into the souls of people, here.)
    "I(Norm Pattis) resigned my position as a staff member at Gerry Spence's Trial Lawyer's College when I became persuaded that the place was chock-full of nuts. And I am not talking about the coffee.
    The college won't permit prosecutors to attend. It won't permit insurance defense lawyers to attend. No, it wants only those pure of heart. Only those dedicated to the pursuit of "justice". As though there justice were a monopoly horded on only one side of a courtroom's aisle."
    Actually, the mission statement is broader, it bars federal government attorneys,( the FEDS) and corporate attorneys.
    You go on to state you have a bread and butter on police officers.
    You state in the same piece:
    "I(Norm Pattis) am a trial lawyer. I have represented and do represent prosecutors, police officers, persons accused of rape, state legislators, murderers, traffickers in child pornography, municipal officials, victims of police misconduct, employees, drug addicts and dealers, and pimps, prostitutes and others in trouble. And plently of other people, too. All come with needs and interests that need protection and vindication
    So, your crusade against TLC was going on as early as the summer of 2006.
    So, nutjobs, lunatics, the list goes on of what your hurl out.
    However, it appears to be the status;
    Not one person in the higher tiers of TLC, responded to Mr Greenfiedd(his piece)--and none published from a Big Shot TLC, in Simple Justice about 60 days, ago...
    Now, added to your list besides nuts, lunatics, and cultists( from the entire fabric of your writings), just 25 in the last year.
    So, you so you are moving on(you say, leaving the dust to be whipped by the wind in Wyoming.)
    Just to make it on the Cyber record, your crusade has been going on for over 3 years, and it has a financial aspect to it, you troll for police dept BIZ.(and th like)
    Just to make it apparent, it is you own words, which fill the google rolls.
    Strange, you find such good buds, Rex, Mr Clary etc.
    Apparently, they enver responded to Mr Greenfiled, instead they dropped the messages of crap on others. Most telling.
    Posted on October 30, 2009 at 6:30 pm by Anonymous
  • I wonder if mighty Warrior J R
    knows that Jarvis p...
    I wonder if mighty Warrior J R
    knows that Jarvis posted on the
    FBI issuses over at Spence DOT COM.
    Apparently, Clary felt J J was not
    offically on TLC rolls, as he is cross
    wired into Norm's network.
    Next, will Clary claim he learned
    his great Warrior way's from
    professor George W C Jones, adjunct
    at the U.
    Posted on October 31, 2009 at 6:34 am by Anonymous
  • Wouldn't you know it.
    J R(Clary) shows up on David...
    Wouldn't you know it.
    J R(Clary) shows up on David's Site, In the Moment, after it was announced here--David was blogging on TLC.( N P wanted to know---what other sites are out there....(in his LUNATIC CHATPER Section N P crusade on nuts, his get the "nuts".)
    It ( J R's appeal) looked like some stump speech, to win the hearts and minds, like maybe a Mayor's race in Rapid City.
    Yep, the Wyoming dust is still whippin, but Norm has none of it on his boots.(the city slicker from CONN)
    Who was in Denver to see Obama, keep hope alive...?
    I still get calls on that---usually asking for money.
    All calls on that are calls---asking for money.
    The well was tapped dry.
    Check with David on the tickets.... the BOUT...
    in Wyoming in the dust:
    J R. v Scott Greenfield, Warrior RULES apply, which means NO RULES.
    The attednance is not limit to only full fledged psychopaths, who have been certified as "on the rolls".
    Posted on October 31, 2009 at 8:40 am by Anonymous
  • Any of you dudes, certified Warrors wander
    over to...
    Any of you dudes, certified Warrors wander
    over to Crow Heart Buttee to
    get the full story there, not far from
    the Ranch.
    What is J R's full Warrior name,
    yappy squacking swamp Dog.
    You all need to sign on here,
    with your enrolled Warrior tribe names.
    Anonn 24
    Posted on October 31, 2009 at 12:00 pm by Anonymous
  • Clary is over on David's site
    challenging Annon Wa...
    Clary is over on David's site
    challenging Annon Warriors
    to a fight.
    Crow Heart Butte
    look it up the big dust up near the
    Instead of responding directly to
    Simple Justice,Blog on the cult issue)
    he confronts other,
    like he is Johnny lee Clary.
    Norm, seems to think he holds the
    power over Annons-- since his site,
    as he sets up the Lunatic chapter,
    thus any who appear here, are so defined,
    like some reservation.( Wind River Dust Bowl)
    Any way, J R Clary is over on
    David's site bragging he is a real
    kick ass Warrior.
    He confronts who--
    not Mr Greenfield's piece on TLC
    being a cult, as that is the
    status siince Sept 5, 2009.
    So, Rex comes here( N P Blog)
    Clary goes on David's site.( Un the Moment Blog)
    Are they barred on Simple Justice
    or on that are not so Warrior like
    after all.
    The question on David's site was:
    is TLC a cult.
    David was not sure, he seemed to
    open that possibility.
    Presto, Clary shows up,
    with some dog and pony show stuff.
    Norm, the Pandora's box you opened
    up in 2006, seems to be like
    a giant real time Halloween show,
    on going for 3 years.
    Posted on October 31, 2009 at 12:28 pm by Anonymous
  • I posted over on David's site
    Left a message for M...
    I posted over on David's site
    Left a message for Mr Clary.
    Said I did not come to criticise
    But, asked him and David a Warrior
    big cheese why Clary or him never responded
    in a significant public way to
    Mr Greenfield's piece about TLC being a cult
    I then notice some post was deleted.( On David's site)
    Probably mine -- they seem not
    able to confont the issue raise by
    Greenfeld, so their Modus operandi:
    delete, stonewall, the usual.
    Posted on October 31, 2009 at 1:21 pm by Anonymous
  • It is almost too rich for words.
    Like mining for g...
    It is almost too rich for words.
    Like mining for gold nuggests:
    But here we have it on the Spence Blog on the topic " The road back to Santiy" in March 2009
    R. Clary, Jr. // April 2, 2009 at 1:14 pm | Reply
    All of this reminds me of what Maw-Maw Clary used to say when faced with the consequences of others’ insanity. In her soft St. Landry Parish cajun accent she would say: “I tell you, cher, people have mo’ trouble than anybody.”
    gerryspence // April 3, 2009 at 9:06 am | Reply
    Yes. Thanks, J.R.
    No comment is needed, well much, this speaks for itslef, in the context of the cross-wiring
    However, jules** chimed in on that blog section:
    "My friend, Ray XXXX, has opined that sane lawyers are at a disadvantage in the courtroom because sanity is usually accompanied by predictability. Ray says this road back to sanity might not be a good thing."
    Gerry's alter ego inside noted to start off the discussion:
    "Argus has had a lot of fun. He loves being insane, mostly because it brings out the insanity of others, including God. Are we to conclude that the road back to sanity is by recognizing our insanity"
    Oh, N P, you play with the Flies, as the Lord over the DUSTY VALLEY...
    And, to weave in all in: Norm posts about the lunatics--out there..(TLC linked)
    jules appears to be the other Jules, not the El Chiefe jules(FYI)
    Posted on October 31, 2009 at 6:41 pm by Anonymous
  • Mr Greenfield(Simple Justice) referred his readers...
    Mr Greenfield(Simple Justice) referred his readers to an Arizona lawyer, who had this to say about

    "I’m grateful for those troll-like comments because they made me think."

    Around J R,(Chief Spokesperson on the issues/ TLC) trolls are piss ants(in effect)
    The Arizona lawyer had this to say about TROLLS.
    "I’ve probably succeeded in pissing off three of my colleagues, but I guess that’s the risk of publishing my thoughts: people will miss the point."
    Mr Greenfield, and Norm are the one who started the notion about TLC/ its members being nuts, nutjobs cultist.(see the many pieces,google pull ups, sicne 2006).
    Annons, are not all TLC sorts, have any of you figured that out, yet, has that dawn on you ?
    Posted on October 31, 2009 at 6:52 pm by Anonymous
  • Who is "El Chiefe Jules" referred to in last night...
    Who is "El Chiefe Jules" referred to in last night's comment on this subject?
    Jules C.
    Posted on November 1, 2009 at 4:23 am by Anonymous

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