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Snarkdom has found its way into the comments section of this blog as regards the Trial Lawyers College and Gerry Spence. We have a new anonymous writer obsessed with me. It is to the point that when I pass gas the poor fellow, or gal, gets an ear ache. In TLC-speak, the writer has given up his power; urban readers might note that I have a new, er, um, well, let's bust say witch with a "b". Thank you for the gift, I suppose. But must it come in the form of a dead fish, wrapped in anonymous paper?

I am wondering about the wisdom of anonymous posts, and I am distressed that so many folks write with passion but then fail to own what they say. When I have raised questions about this, writers have responded that fear governs. They don't want to offend friends, or they are afraid they will become the target of scorn, or that they won't be invited back to serve as staff at college events. The college, it seems, breeds something less than confidence.

All this hush, hush sweet Charlotte chatter has the feel of whispering in a convent: the nuns are unchaste and enjoy their lasciviousness. But if they own their pleasures they'll be forced out on to the street. I am close to a decision to refuse acceptance of anonymous comments, but, being a good whore myself, I like the company of other unchaste souls.

Here's some miscellany about the college for those needing a fix of fresh information:

1. Multiple sources confirm that R. Rex Parris is now counsel to the college. Parris is also mayor of the Town of Lancaster in California. He is a member of the college board. He has been a go-to player for Gerry Spence in recent years. I'm told by two sources that he was asked to resign from the TLC board, but refused to do so. One wag commented today that Parris was punished by being promoted. I'd like to discuss it with Parris, who reached out a few weeks ago to talk. Our schedules have not yet permitted that. Rex: I know you're reading. Give me a call. I promise I will not tell. It is a promise I have thus far kept with regards to correspondence from another TLC powerhouse who has asked me to keep his missive a secret.

2. The TLC web site still does not reflect the recent blood bath of those removed from the board: Communication is slow at the college these days. I'm told by a person familiar with the recent history of the college that the removal of Bettinger, Sison, Bratcher and Larimer is widely unpopular among alumni. These folks are revered as stars by many. Larimer, a long-time psychodramatist is said to be on the endangered staff list, and may well be saying good bye to the college forever, or so I am told. She doesn't want to go.

3. One correspondent has speculated that one or more board members is an anonymous commenter on this blog page, and, perhaps, on the blog page of former Executive Director, Joane Garcia-Colson. When I responded by saying that this couldn't possibly be true as the comments are loopy and poorly written, I was told it almost certainly could be true as several of the current board members write English as though it were a second language. My suspicion is that a close friend or relative of Spence's is writing anonymously: the writer bosts of their senior status, is a cloying and uncreative sycophant, and is possessed of a long and ancient memory of all things Gerry. Could it be a former board member close to the master? It is a wifely sort of loyalty. You can check out Garcia-Colson's blog for more TLC stuff at:

4. Expect to see staffing of psychodramatists reduced at forthcoming events. At the creation, there were two at each of the summer sessions. There was grumbling a plenty about the costs when the number was increased to three.

5. I don't subscribe to the Warrior, so I don't know if the new administration has yet to place its imprimatur on the publication. Jude Basile, the new nominal president, is said to have a new vision for the future of the college. What is it?

6. As yet, the college has ignored the question that led me to rake the fetid muck of hypocrisy: Why does the Spence Foundation own the ranch, renting it to the college under terms of a lease that can be revoked unilaterally by the foundation? What would become of the $2 million or so in the TLC coffers if this happened? TLC would still possess the funds, unless the organization folded, in which case it would be required to transfer those funds to a like institution. Hmm? The Spence Foundation revokes the lease. TLC decided to fold its tent. TLC's money goes to the Spence Foundation? Even I am not that cynical.

But now for the best news of all: I am losing interest in the college. Those who counsel that ignoring critics will yield silence are right. I'll be attending a new trial practice seminar this spring; invitations will soon be sent I am told. Another group of 20 or so folks met recently under auspices independent of hero worship and cant.

So, keep the comments coming. But please own them. Or is that too much to ask?

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  • The loopy in the loop writers from within, some gi...
    The loopy in the loop writers from within, some gift to you so you suppose.
    Norm the gift who thinks he keeps on giving.
    You are almost like Spence in describing your claims to being such a great writer.
    Why would any care about your stuff on TLC ?
    yes, ban all ANNONS', do it now, you don't have the guts to--do you ?
    Posted on October 21, 2009 at 1:15 pm by Anonymous
  • Please don't stop posting anonymous comments. You ...
    Please don't stop posting anonymous comments. You are the only outlet we have! And please don't stop blogging about TLC. We need your voice!
    Posted on October 21, 2009 at 1:43 pm by Anonymous
  • Norm--for some reason, my computers (and perhaps o...
    Norm--for some reason, my computers (and perhaps other people's) will only take comments if they are posted as anonymously--if I were more computer savvy, I could begin to figure out why. So I post by selecting "anonymous" but indicate who I am at the end of any response. Nothing I'd say that I won't put my name on.
    I do think you've attracted a few pretty spooky people. Beth K.
    Posted on October 21, 2009 at 2:13 pm by Anonymous
  • I don't know what the upshot of all this EST-like ...
    I don't know what the upshot of all this EST-like TLC psycho-social manipulating is all about, but if it results somehow with Norm managing to take over TLC, or win a swell of loyal TLC refugee followers willing to set up a lawyer commune out West, I am all for it. Please, come and pick him up, soon. Make him sheriff somewhere.
    Wyoming right? Not Connecticut. Wyoming is about far enough.
    Thanks very much.
    Posted on October 21, 2009 at 2:38 pm by Anonymous and proud of it
  • Of course Kaitlin Larimer doesn't want to leave TL...
    Of course Kaitlin Larimer doesn't want to leave TLC. Would you if you made a significant part of your income off of TLC? She will never leave TLC. Some say she is a spy for Jude Basile with whom she is close (in fact he claimed at the Advanced Workshop earlier this month that she tries every case with him) and she sat happily at his side during his narcissistic presentation like a lap dog. Others say she is only in it for the money she gets by marketing herself through TLC. Even Spence says that! Word is that she asked for a huge raise at the July board meeting and her removal from the board was punishment for doing so. I suspect she has neither the courage or self respect to quit. She didn't bat an eye when John Nolte, her long time training partner and friend was forced out. Money brings with it loyalty and TLC has the money. They may have thrown her off the board, but she will gladly do the bidding of Gerry Spence and Jude Basile.
    Jake -
    Posted on October 21, 2009 at 2:49 pm by Anonymous
  • Norm
    The world's economy is in flames, why does an...
    The world's economy is in flames, why does anyone really care about this crap. The question one should ask is: Am I a better lawyer because of my experience at the Ranch? If the answer is yes, quit bitching. If the answer is no, give me a call and I will try to get you a refund.
    As to competing TLC programs, I hope there are 50 of them. The goal is to bring more fairness and equality into the world. More programs will only help in this pursuit.
    I do think you have been unfair to Gerry. What no one considers is the very real opportunity cost of his involvement in TLC. When we consider what he would have made if he had spent 10% of the time he devoted to the Ranch to bringing in verdicts, his financial contribution should be measured in 8 or 9 figures.
    At the end of the day, my involvement with TLC changed my professional and personal life for the better. The rest is just noise.
    R Rex Parris
    (my title is as irrelevant to me as it should be to everyone else)
    Posted on October 21, 2009 at 5:22 pm by R Rex Parris
  • Beth:
    who are the spooky people posting, an ex
    who are the spooky people posting, an ex
    Spence law firm pard, per chance, are
    you freaking out. ?
    Posted on October 21, 2009 at 6:03 pm by Anonymous
  • I take it you never made the list of big
    TLC cont...
    I take it you never made the list of big
    TLC contributors, Norm
    so did you get paid for teaching classes. ?
    The executive director seemed to be a
    big expensive, now in flux .
    So, if you are no longer teaching, no longer
    going to TLC, and think some TLC members
    are all those assorted names you ascribe to
    them, why are you getting so hot and bothered,
    and spending so much time on ?
    Would't you be better, to just ignore TLC. ?
    What does it even matter, Spence is
    as you say in his waining years.
    Posted on October 21, 2009 at 6:20 pm by Anonymous
  • Am I freaking out? Hardly. I do have the followi...
    Am I freaking out? Hardly. I do have the following reactions:
    1. I think that speculation about other people's motivations is a waste of time--you simply don't know.
    2. I have a lot of respect for Norm as a lawyer and person based on what I know about him, and I find his thoughts interesting.
    3. I like some things about TLC and dislike others. I like some people I met through TLC and dislike others. I certainly don't feel any sort of bond with anyone simply because they're affiliated with the institution.
    4. I think it's unfortunate that it's difficult to post on this blog other than as "anonymous" and wonder whether some people might show a modicum more courtesy if they had to sign their names.
    If you view that as "freaking out," your threshold is quite low.
    Posted on October 22, 2009 at 12:42 am by Anonymous
  • To Rex Parris and all still connected to TLC.
    To Rex Parris and all still connected to TLC.
    People care about this crap BECAUSE Gerry lead people to believe he was different than corporate American.
    He had compassion for the little guy.
    He brainwashed us into believing he and his teachings WERE different.
    Now WE see that he is no different from corporate American. Where we have witnessed him discarding people who don't tow the line.
    So unfortunate for those of us who contributed to Gerry and TLC.
    Posted on October 22, 2009 at 1:43 am by Anonymous
  • You going to get a refund, Norm, or
    were you cashi...
    You going to get a refund, Norm, or
    were you cashing in for big figures after TLC. ?
    So. Rex put it right to you , as he says
    from Landcaster " the world economy is in
    flames", and nobody cares what you post
    or Beth posts, or Mike posts, it is all
    "crap" , in his view.
    His economic situation must be swell.
    It is about big bucks for Gerry, and Rex
    and some--- the rest is all " crap",
    so says Rex.
    Most direct, isn't it. Norm.
    You going to get a refund ?
    Posted on October 22, 2009 at 3:08 am by Anonymous
  • Well, New Haven is burning. Yale lost billions
    in ...
    Well, New Haven is burning. Yale lost billions
    in it's endowment, as did other universites.
    You must have miffed Rex off posting from
    Rome, as the unemployment figures
    sky- rocketed for all those " little people".
    The ones who get "gas in their ears",
    and give up" their power".
    How do you figure " opportunity costs",
    Rex is going right to the bottom line.
    His title does not matter--- here.
    So, he never put it up.
    Ya, right !
    Posted on October 22, 2009 at 3:44 am by Anonymous
  • Wow, we should be so honored that Rex Parris grace...
    Wow, we should be so honored that Rex Parris graced us with a post on this blog. Sadly, yet predictably, he says nothing. No answers about the questions raised over the last month and a half. Just another defender of Spence, TLC and really the entire board who has mis lead us all for years. Together, Spence and Rex could endow this college. Throw in Zelbst for good measure. Instead, they repeatly put their hands in the pockets of the "little people" who don't have anywhere near the financial resources they each have. Lost opportunity cost? Give me a break. TLC has paid for Spence's ranch for years. Spence has more than enough money and from what I hear from others at the Spence Firm, he still takes the lion's share of fees generated by the firm. Spence hasn't lost any opportunity. He has built a temple to himself on the backs of others. TLC is just like corporate america. Profit off the little people. Enslave them into believing they need you and will change your life.
    Posted on October 22, 2009 at 4:11 am by Anonymous
  • Intersting point, indeed:
    Spence takes the lion's ...
    Intersting point, indeed:
    Spence takes the lion's share
    of the profit pool at the Spence firm.
    Actually, I don't think this site is
    a waste of time.
    I have been to many, many CLE
    I have learned things from this
    Are the " little people", some of
    those in the Spence firm, still
    being used.
    Think about what Rex said about
    " opporutinity costs".
    So if 8 to 9 figures did not go in
    the Spence firm profit pool,
    that diluted the other Spence pards
    Yet, Gerry gets the lion's share
    of their work effort.
    I am now better grasping the
    Spence's new appreciation( blogged)
    on slavery
    if all experience makes one a better lawyer,
    why would Rex discount this board.
    Oh, why would Rex not apply the
    same "lion's share" model in his firm.
    He proves he is intently focused
    on the bottom line,
    as the economy burns.
    Posted on October 22, 2009 at 4:27 am by Anonymous
  • Jeeezzz, anyone see the latest version of the Warr...
    Jeeezzz, anyone see the latest version of the Warrior? What the hell happened to our great publication? This one sucks. There are only a few articles worth reading and the best article is by Maren Chaloupka. I could barely understand the ones written by the new TLC president and his new cronie Nick Rowley. I used to look foward to receiving my issue of the Warrior. No more! This issue was thin and mostly filled with self congratulatory ramblings. I hear the next issue is going to focus on Jude Basile and will feature an extensive intereview with him. He has been looking for someone he can control to write it. That way it will be fluff and won't address any real important issues. Maybe Norm should do it. At least we know Norm will ask Jude the tough questions.
    Posted on October 22, 2009 at 4:55 am by Anonymous
  • Rex,
    you would be well advised to take some
    time, ...
    you would be well advised to take some
    time, and read the comments on
    this board.
    While you may view your time as
    precious, it is no more valuable than others
    regarless of what oportunity cost
    model you apply.
    Also, since you noted opportunity costs,
    an economic term
    on time and money, why do you accord the
    time people spent here as having no
    value ?
    That was an odd comment, frankly.
    I won't list my title,
    but why would it matter, when the
    economy is burning.
    Posted on October 22, 2009 at 4:57 am by Anonymous
  • Lets look at this "opportunity cost" thing Rex is ...
    Lets look at this "opportunity cost" thing Rex is raising. To decode it, he seems to be saying that if Gerry had spent time before juries, which he otherwise spent on TLC, the dollar value would have been "8 or 9" figures.
    Lets pick a number 8 figures(the low side, so to speak):
    $ 22 million is 8 figures, if any did 9 figures it would be $ 220 million.
    So, Rex is saying Gerry in essence contributed $ 22 or so million to TLC, the way Rex does his
    "opportunity cost", then while he tells you your time spent here is utter crap.
    Can opportunity costs be translated into a tax matter / deduction, etc. ? The whole transactional structure.
    So, given the way some do "opportunity cost" analyis, what is in it for Rex, since he is so looking at how $$$ numbers unfold.
    I too do not think this board is a waste of time, in looking at legal affairs, and stuff.
    I appreciate that several trillion bucks was sucked out of the economy, by a melt down, there are record bankruptices, very high unemployment figures, foreclosures are at record highs, the list goes on.... and on..
    But, I do not accord those who post here as persons to be summed up in terms of crap, wastes of time etc.(gas in the ears, and a gift of lost of power, non-persons, reduced to
    Let me ask you a question, that $ 137 million jury verdict that Rex got from some corporate executive(Jean things), how much of that was money in the bank, real money. Real money in the bank kind of numbers-- Questions: class.
    The reason I ask is if Rex has spun out a number as to Spence of 8 figures, (minimum) then puts a value on you of damn near ZERO(your time spent here), I do indeed have many questions on the kind of "opportunity cost" analyis these gentlemen run.
    By the way, I have a degree in economics too, but maybe it is a piece of crap as well, in the eyes of the almighty, who purport to place values on others, and their time.
    Norm, I am not going to list my title here,
    etc etc, also.
    Valuing money, or its equivalent in a spectrum of time, I think this is a very interesting topic, and especially so, as the economy burns.
    Norm, it is truly gratifying you made so many good friensd like Rex, at the ranch.
    Friends count, don't they ?
    But, just how do they count "opportunity costs" in that mix ?
    Posted on October 22, 2009 at 6:00 am by Anonymous
  • An analysis of blogs/ the internet,
    and values:
    An analysis of blogs/ the internet,
    and values:
    Norm and Rex are good pals(like De Country Ranch CLUB CLASS).
    They formed some unique bond at the ranch.
    But, they did not drink kool aid, like all the "little" people did, the nether world folks(or so some might be told).
    So, now we see Norm's site, for people to come on and give their 2 cents:
    Well, they put it out.
    Then, comes Rex, like the lone ranger who comes into town, the Sheriff Scotty, he sums it up, it is all crap,
    the economy is burning, and besides there is Gerry and the "opportunity costs".
    So, some leave no titles, no names, in the either of cyber spaces.
    Why, perhaps:
    Well, Norm can suck you in, leave you for Rex,( latin for King of the...), who can reduce you to nothing, a zero, a mere waste of time, money and, then you should accept Gerry contributed 8 to 9 figures all to make you a better person, lawyer, and citizen--a true American.
    It is all so Ranchy.
    Norm you might read on the Campbell county range wars, and
    So little has changed, only the title of non-profits are in flux.
    But, we appreciate, bad people do evil things in upper class sections of Conn, and the lines between the beast and the Saint are thin, and
    you read so many books, and Rex's cost analyis, it leaves "little" time in the day for
    the little people to be taken seriously--- that post here.
    Posted on October 22, 2009 at 6:38 am by Anonymous
  • Excuse me, it was $ 370 million, on paper, so far,...
    Excuse me, it was $ 370 million, on paper, so far, that Rex scored in judge White's court room in L A.
    Not $ 137 million
    And, here is what Rex told the ABA Journal in late July 2009:
    "The verdict is “a message to every employer out there that employees, even when they have been discharged, are entitled to respect and dignity and fair treatment,” attorney R. Rex Parris, who represented two of the winning workers, tells Bloomberg(and the ABA Journal). However, he also says he expects Marciano to appeal."
    This board section/ topic seems to have some nexis to what happened to JoAnne, ex ED-TLC, and her termination.(or restructed nexis to TLC etc)
    Yet, Rex comes on here and throws out his sentiment: all is crap.--- but Norm wants no refund, he notes the bond at the ranch, some toady, response that was.
    Most interesting.
    I don't wear Guess Jeans, they are mostly for dudes back East, not real Cowboys.
    Posted on October 22, 2009 at 6:56 am by Anonymous
  • Re the post about Katelyn, I too heard she asked f...
    Re the post about Katelyn, I too heard she asked for a huge raise at the last board meeting, seeking to nearly double her compensation. This infuriated Spence, Basile and Nugent. She was stripped of the position of treasurer and Nugent put in her place. No raise was given, the troika feeling Katelyn and her colleagues have used TLC long enough to line their pockets and promote themselves. Spence has been heard to say he doesn't like people profitting off TLC. This might explain the decision to reduce the use of Joshua too. Seems pretty hypocritical to me. Guess it's ok for the board members to profit from referrals and Spence by having his ranch paid for and a ready market for his books and DVD's.
    Posted on October 22, 2009 at 8:51 am by Anonymous
  • So, now that Lynn Bratcher is no longer on the TLC...
    So, now that Lynn Bratcher is no longer on the TLC board, who is the alumni representative to the TLC board? When I was on the FWB, it alone elected the alumni rep to the TLC Board. Made sense, it is the organization that reps the alumni and really should be who elects the alumni rep to serve on the TLC board. Otherwise, there would be no true alumni voice on the TLC board. As it stands at the moment, the alumni have no rep on the TLC board.
    A few years ago, the TLC Board decided it wanted to control who the alumni rep was so took over and said that it (the TLC board) had the exclusive right to elect the alumni rep. Very strange. Wonder what the TLC Bylaws say about this? My recollection from being on the FWB is that TLC's bylaws provide that the Advisory Committee (which is designated to be the FWB) shall appoint one member to the TLC board. I challenge our current FWB board to immediately act and appoint an alumni rep to the TLC Board.
    I also remember that when TLC began doing regional seminars, the FWB was in charge of putting on all the regional seminars. They did all the work and collected all the money from same. When Spence saw how profitable the seminars were, and how much money the FWB was generating from the regional seminars, he had all the money in the FWB coffers transferred to TLC and TLC took over putting on the seminars. How quicky the leadership of TLC has forgotten all this history. And Jude Basile was on the FWB at the time and may, in fact, have been its president.
    Some of you may question my recollection, but don't take my word for it. Get out your Spring 06 copy of the Warrior and read Bill Trine's article about the History of the F Warrior's Board and Tom Metier's as well. In his article Bill confirms that the FWB was responsible for creating and presenting the initial regional seminars. Metier's article also confirms this fact.
    In this same issue, J R Clary has an article. In it he says "From the moment of its inception, it [FWB] was designed to be comprised of the alumni, by the alumni and for the alumni. While supportive of TLC, the F Warriors Club was always meant to be autonomous, answering only to the needs of the Alumni." Hmmmmmm...... doesn't seem to be the case now. FWB is controlled by the TLC Board. The TLC Board took away FWB's autonomy when it took its money and took over the regional seminars. And the final blow was when TLC took away the power of the alumni via the FWB to appoints its own rep to serve on the TLC board.
    Posted on October 22, 2009 at 9:54 am by Anonymous
  • Norm, is probably correct, why get sucked into thi...
    Norm, is probably correct, why get sucked into this mess of psycho-cyber- drama. Why waste the time on it. It is all considered crap, by Rex. And, Rex is going to seek to troll in that $ 370 million JEAN Mogul verdict, now down to $ 220 million in remittur, heading into a heavy duty appeal, with 3-4 more years in the appeal courts. Norm ,was as he said, curious about the feelings of the Grads. He sucked you in, got those feelings laid out, then dumped you as if he learned some user method from Spence's method. Don't forget one simple thing. Norm don't owe you the time of day, you mean nothing to him. When Rex send the sign to Norm, enough buster, wrap up the board, it is crap, Norm gives his final word. But, that mirror thing, is a 2 way street. you are in large measure nothing more than a piece of crap to Norm, and if you are under some other impression on that you are so naive, it is sad your even have a bar card.
    Posted on October 22, 2009 at 1:11 pm by Anonymous
  • Rex is a manipulator just like Gerry.
    Devaluing a...
    Rex is a manipulator just like Gerry.
    Devaluing and discounting the legitimate comments here and then having the nerve to mention opportunity cost.
    Pathetic demonstration yet, to be expected from those who lack character.
    A man may speak or write anything. It is what they do that speaks volumes.
    All one needs to do is observe Gerry's actions.
    A person of morals, values and principals does not act like Gerry has and continues to with no regard for others.
    Talk about a opportunity cost.
    I call it "bad karma" and history has shown you cannot avoid your past actions. They most certainly will appear in your life as an opportunity to correct your thinking and behavior.
    What do you say Gerry, purify your past (the last minute and before) with right action today? True freedom is awaiting you.
    Posted on October 22, 2009 at 4:08 pm by Anonymous
  • Gerry Spence will never make amends or purify his ...
    Gerry Spence will never make amends or purify his past. Norm folds his tent because the man for whom Norm brokered an agreement to get him on the Board (Rex) told him to shut down his blog. Too bad this post won't see the light of day. Norm doesn't want anyone to know he is responsible for Rex being on the board. Too bad. Might do TLC some good to know the truth.
    Posted on October 22, 2009 at 5:08 pm by Anonymous
  • Does anyone have the TLC bylaws? Sure would be int...
    Does anyone have the TLC bylaws? Sure would be interesting to see. Some, like Rex, may not like Norm's blog or the comments posted here, but Norm is the only person who has given us the truth. He has been right on about so much of the goings on at TLC. With his silence, there is no one to hold the leaders of TLC accountable. When an apple is rotten at the core, you shouldn't eat it. Well, the core of TLC is rotten and you all keep eating it.
    Oh, and Rex's comment that he doesn't care about his title. What a bunch of horseshit. Why do you think he ran for mayor of Parrisville. He loves the title and loves the power.
    Posted on October 23, 2009 at 5:13 am by Anonymous
  • You post up Rex Parris post here, where he
    You post up Rex Parris post here, where he
    impliedly smears other Americans, on his
    crap utterings, then bar responses from others
    then issue some final word hoax to slat the
    board, all part of some contived P R, while
    the poll you put up is a shame.
    Are you a better lawyer by banning so many
    replies on this board, or just a coward,
    you give a bad name to lawyers, you
    may have a bigger, ego than Spence.
    This board turned into a giant hoax the way
    you are rigging it, after your communications
    with Rex after his crap input to you.
    Landcaster is not exactly a spiffy place,
    as it trolls for U S taxpayer money,
    but why did Rex fail to list his title..?
    You caved, making a mockery of the
    first amendment because you are just
    a big suck ass toady.
    Posted on October 24, 2009 at 1:45 am by Anonymous

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