Divided As One

"I was in no sense a hypocrite; both sides of me were in dead earnest; I was no more myself when I laid aside restraint and plunged in shame, than when I laboured, in the eye of the day, at the furtherance or knowledge or the relief of sorrow and suffering."
Robert Louis Stevenson,  The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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  • Do you guys drop acid out there on that ranch?
    Do you guys drop acid out there on that ranch?
    Posted on October 21, 2009 at 2:49 pm by anon and not on mushrooms
  • ABA is a group, composed and controlled mostly by ...
    ABA is a group, composed and controlled mostly by persons in big corporate law firms.
    The white collar crime section has their nitch which traffic in the biz of reppeing for high end corporate executives,(Skillings CLIQUE etc) who have legal troubles.
    That same group services politicans who get in trouble, like some Senators, who get put on trial.
    There the Brady rule is a focus big time, but Eric Holder gets upset on Washington politicans, who get Brady big time protections, observed to the T, but if it is Joe Smuck, he could care less.
    So, TLC, and the focus on Spence, and some like Feiger, well, it seems that White Collar power Bar(sections), drifts around in its moves.
    Haven't any noticed that, Simple Justice, Mike-El BLOGO etc.
    The thing about using the word bitch(by Spence), back in
    1968, as he was on a ski run, and it was snowing so hard, one could hardly seek the lodge.
    But, 40 years later, the word "bitch is thrown back in his face.
    And some wonder about where the crap is flowing ?
    Posted on October 21, 2009 at 10:26 am by Anonymous
  • What is the difference between an
    obsession and an...
    What is the difference between an
    obsession and an intense interest ?
    So, the Wright brothers had an
    obsession to discover flight.
    This Gerry discovery thing seems
    to have many different steams, in
    some new search for light.......!
    What does it say about the
    Remains to be seen, perhaps.
    Posted on October 21, 2009 at 5:01 am by Anonymous
  • Divided as one; not exacty a
    reference to splittun...
    Divided as one; not exacty a
    reference to splittung the atom
    So, Spence has many sides
    as does Norm, as does Mike, etc
    Now, all these law school grads
    wantabe powerful VIP lawyers
    at the Ranch, and the interworkings
    of the TLC Org, getting their egos
    bent out of shape, what a spectale
    to be observed. almost in 3-D, via the
    Norm cyber channel.
    Look up Talaban at Yale, and Bob Schuster,
    google away, B S was Spences's old
    Pard, before the old Spence firm
    shattered in the late 1990's.
    Oh, what a ego trip down the
    Snake River.
    Norm has peeled away the mere surface
    of this paradox of the Gerry methods,
    and their links
    Posted on October 21, 2009 at 4:42 am by Anonymous
  • A quote, floating around, scooped off:
    "Do not jud...
    A quote, floating around, scooped off:
    "Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you".(Mike on his saying, it says more about you, in the vortex of the TLC etc)
    So, on mirrors, and Jung, and free floating waves of consciousness, marketing, and making a living, it becomes all a vast mixed salad.
    So, how did Spence lie to the ranch-goers, the
    beef now by Mike, et al. ??
    Will you open up a giant can of worms, given all the Spence seals of approval, on all those WWW sites ?
    So, is it not you and Mike, still drinking the kool aid, at the end of the day ?
    And, Jesus, and the statues, like the lil lamb offered up to please the Gods, and the offerings in the temple, as the money changers were what got it all rolling leading to the nailing on the cross.
    But, Mike claims he did not know, he was naive, just a guy who was fresh out of Pepperdine U, he knew not the ways of the world, he had only navigated in the electronic blog-o-sphere were he was exposed to an uber, other reality, a tin-foil kind of unreality.
    Now, that this can of worms has been peeled back as the top of the can was peeled off, what next > ? But, the light and mirrors, and the prism, the interface between the spirit world, and the Sun Dance, the dudes came out to the ranch, they keep telling others they are drinking kool ade, and a cult has been going on.
    Yet, what type of Bible is being carried, and how is marketing being employed, by these very same cool aid drinkers stll drinking at the well-springs of Gerry, as they so find it useful for their nitch.
    Posted on October 20, 2009 at 10:26 am by Anonymous
  • I often wondered how the WWW/ Net relates to marke...
    I often wondered how the WWW/ Net relates to marketing of legal services.
    In order to get an edge, can some attorneys say he(they) trained under the TLC/ Spence "winning methods". Many who have gone to TLC now work that into their WWW-Net marketing.
    However, as noted Pattis was a top notch attorney before he even went to the TLC.
    However, will TLC in and of itself give one an edge, as is used in marketing come-ons ?
    Or, is the name Gerry Spence used to get some prospective client in the door, as if one, who was so called trained by Spence(his method), he/ she will be(become) a quasi Gerry Spence.
    Or, at least that Gerry Spence, in the marketing publics mind's eye.
    So, some here(WWWW/ SITE) are concerned about Spence in assorted postings, but the Spence LOGO is all over the WEB sites of many, all over the USA, who use it for vast marketing.
    Ironically, it(Spence LOGO formula) was used as marketing by some of the very same who are now doing the TLC thing as a "cult".(see Norm's many pieces on this over the past).
    Most civil cases are paper, and motions, and very few go to trial( in federal courts it is less than 4 % of civl cases filed), and all that renowned personality of Gerry Spence will get you how far--in court ? in such matters ?
    But, maybe that is beside the point, for marketing, as getting some client in the door, seems to be of a higher order.
    People are desperate for justice, they seek it, and the name Spence, plastered all over a WWW site, might make the difference on some desperate person making a call for legal help---- to So and So law firms, all across the USA, who have the SPENCE LOGO on their web site.
    Spence has denegrated other law schools, as if his is the One, the only one that counts for some who have to travel through his portal to have the seal of approval. The Gerry SEAL of APPROVAL, the Gold Standard STAMP.
    So, clever, so far reaching.
    But, Norm and Mike, and Reno, and etc are part of that Spence Gerry logo Justice USA.
    Maybe Simple Justice, Scott had a point, but it was never the SEAL of APPROVAL thing, and
    he missed that, but kool aide stands seem to be all over the WWW, and even Mike and Norm are part of that kool aid distribution system, as they have their split persona on these issues.
    Posted on October 20, 2009 at 9:49 am by Anonymous
  • Yes, there is the Norm at his TLC side in the
    Yes, there is the Norm at his TLC side in the
    Rockies, then the Norm cyber sides, which
    unfolds in rays of electric waves,
    as if his being defies quantum limits in
    the flesh.
    It is the age of the Net where Norm's mind
    has become dislodged from his
    body, influenced by bloggist like
    Mike, who live in the metacognitive,
    detached from the other real world.
    Posted on October 20, 2009 at 8:03 am by Anonymous

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