Well ... Moby Dick Revisited

Some clients are more challenging than others. They can present issues you've never seen before, challenging you to be creative. Consider the following as an example.

In today's mail arrived a copy of a letter sent to a judge of the Superior Court by a client of ours in a criminal case. The fact that it has been sent to the court destroys the privilege. So let me share a version edited only to assure that anonymity of the sender and recipient. I will endeavor to leave spelling and punctuation as is.

"Hi Judge

You ... lie in the Court Room ... also [The Public Defender] He Also lie on ... At the Bond, Hearing ... He No Fucking Good Also Judge I will still love to Eat your pussy out And Eat your Ass out Bad Judge I have a very big long Dick For your Ass Hole And your pussy I will like to Fuck you up your White, Ass Eat out your butt Hole Fuck in the Mouth Come in see my Big long Dick Head all for you Judge Eat out the pussy Eat your Ass Come in Suck my big Black Dick...."

One can only hope for an acquittal in this case, or, in the alternative, for a sentencing judge with a ribald sense of humor.


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