Just Say No To The Cuomo Coup

          A year ago, I watched New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to try to catch my bearings as a pandemic struck. Donald Trump was the black beast of politics then. In the contrast media of the cable news cycle, Cuomo came out looking like a white knight. Hell, he wrote a book about it all. He was king of the news cycle.

         Trump is gone now. The moralism of our times demands a villain. And we’ve just impeached a president twice now. Why not impeach Cuomo?

          News that the governor of the Empire State faces calls for his impeachment came as a wearying surprise. Seriously?

          I mean, I get it. Spring is just around the corner. The days are getting longer, and although there is still a wintery chill in the air, it’s obvious that soon enough the optimism of new growth will spawn all manner of protest. You almost get the sense that advance teams are floating trial balloons just now. What will play?

          Black Lives Matter will get a boost by the beginning of the Derek Chauvin trial in Minneapolis. But we can’t really expect street violence now, can we? After all, we’re still in high dudgeon about the January 6 riots in D.C. No point in encouraging “mostly peaceful” looting and rioting when we want to keep the focus on Trump and Trumpism.

          BLM isn’t quite passe, but it’s not new, either. Novelty is the key.

          So what about #AsianLivesMatter? There’s been some significant reporting about violence against Asians, who are, apparently, often targeted by those who blame them for the pandemic.

          My hunch is that the demographics aren’t right for this.

          We took a year off on #MeToo last year. Some of us hoped that the cork had been placed in the libidinal bottle that spilled forth accusations, recriminations and all manner of mass hysteria about the age-old battle between the sexes. Yes, no one should be harassed or made uncomfortable on account of their gender. I get it.

         But for the life of me I can’t muster outrage over tired tales of women attracted to powerful men, hanging around hoping for a big break, playing Quid for the Pro Quo they hope to get. He kissed me, they hiss, with the cry of a rape victim, long after the event, and to the accompaniment of an adoring media. We’re in love with victims, you see.

         But #MeToo isn’t enough to carry a news cycle any longer. I mean, at what point do you turn to a jury, roll your eyes, and say: If it was true then, what took you so long? And don’t say you were afraid no one would believe you. “Believe the woman” has become a mantra in some circles.

            #MeToo is a seasoning. We need a new main course.

            So let’s salt pandemic hysteria with a little libidinal scorn.

            Social historians observe that pandemics are times of extraordinary stress. There are reckonings once the risk has passed.

            Enter Andrew Cuomo. He’s just what the news cycle ordered for a season of convenient rage.

           The man who won an Emmy not long ago for the manner in which he educated us about the pandemic is now to be impeached because he buried statistics about deaths among the old and infirm in New York nursing homes. Mr. I-Am-The-Truth-I’m-Not-Donald-Trump is now recast as the new villain de jour. Starship Schadenfreude has landed in Albany.

           Impeach him! Impeach him now! New York’s virtue signallers shriek.

           And lest there be doubts, because, after all, just how sexy are photographs of old people on their last legs, let’s bring in the harpies from stage left: The woman who stood by his side, in his office, perhaps on his arm, for years, waiting for their big break. Every random touch, squeeze and kiss is now an impeachable offense. We don’t need no stinking trial. Due process is for sissies. Impeach him now! Encrasez the old white male who identifies as being possessed of normal libidinal urges.

          And screw the people of New York State, too.

          They are suckers.

          Never mind that they voted for the man.

          It’s cancel culture on steroids. We loved you yesterday, but today our hatred is sufficient cause to remove you. Democratic process, the rule of law. Nah! We’re a republic of virtue. The new puritans in our midst want a corpse. Cuomo will do.

          Don’t give them an inch, governor. Admit the errors you made and defend your right to make the tough calls we elect governors to make. Don’t permit yourself to become a perverse maypole around which left and right can dance: from the left comes the #MeToo chorus, the lipstick brigade, searching for smudges on every collar; from the right comes claims that the pandemic was mismanaged. If this is unity, then please, someone, turn out the lights; I can’t bear to watch this unctuous struggle session.

            Andrew Cuomo is governor of New York. He’s entitled to the presumption of innocence. His accusers aren’t saints entitled to immediate canonization. Yes, we’ve endured, and are enduring, a horrific pandemic. Nature turned her back to us, and we suffered.

         I get all that.

         But for the life of me, I don’t understand the overnight demonization of Andrew Cuomo.

          I fear nothing so much as I do a self-righteous mob. The overnight lynching of Andrew Cuomo proves why mobs are to be feared. Defend yourself, your office, and the rule of law, Governor Cuomo. The adults in this great land of ours are counting on you.


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  • Hang'em High
    No overnight thought here about Cuomo. He should have been hung the minute he started putting covid affected into nursing homes. If I had a relative that died because of his action, I would've been arrested for hanging him myself. As for the women accusing him of sexual indiscretions, well, I'm not a fan of the #MeToo movement but if it works karma on the likes of these political elitists, I'm all for it.
    Posted on March 8, 2021 at 10:46 pm by James Pace jr

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