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On Becoming a Stranger in a Strange Land

To listen to my father tell it, he crossed the border from Windsor, Ontario into Detroit, Michigan, as a teenager in the late 1930s. He was accompanied by his father. Both were illegal immigrants looking for opportunity. They came from Sfakia, Crete.
I was born in 1955,...

A Wasteful Bar Disciplinary Process

A remarkable story appeared in the Connecticut legal press last week, but its significance appears to have been missed both by the editors and by those quoted in the story. “Hundreds” of unprocessed complaints against lawyers are awaiting attention in the offices of...

Gerry Spence v. Trial Lawyers College -- Trouble In Paradise

There’s trouble in paradise just now: Gerry Spence has sued the Trial Lawyers College, and he has evicted the college from Thunderhead Ranch, his sprawling property on the outskirts of DuBois, Wyoming. At issue, money, vanity, and Father Time.
That’s sort...

Is There More To Life Than Dying Alike?

The New York Times unveiled a massive new editorial campaign in Sunday’s paper. “The America We Need,” the front page of the Sunday Review section announces. The entire front page of the section is an illustration of folks appearing to work in a medical lab;...

Cincinnatus Gates for President!

Bill Gates for president?
Why not? He’s the perfect choice in a crisis. He’s the functional equivalent of a Roman dictator. No, I am not talking about Nero, or Caligula, or even Julius Caesar.
Think Cincinnatus – the 6th century BCE...

A Sad Farewell To A Great Judge -- Warren Eginton

I understand and accept the syllogism, I really do:
"All men are mortal.
"Mr. X is a man.
"Therefore Mr. X is mortal."
It’s a sing-songy soliloquy.
But substitute the name Warren Eginton for Mr. X and the syllogism will rip your heart out. Judge Eginton, or,...

Gov. Lamont's Disastrous Tax On Legal Services

Gov. Ned Lamont lives in a bubble, and that bubble is impenetrable. I know this because he was once a potential juror on a criminal case I was trying in Stamford. The charge was attempted murder.
Bottom line: The judge, prosecutor and I agreed that after listening to...

Build The Damn Wall, Already

I suppose it was inevitable that Connecticut’s Attorney General would sign on to California’s federal lawsuit seeking to block president Donald Trump from redirecting federal funds to build a border wall with Mexico. Watching Connecticut Attorney General William Tong run for office last...

Wakanda? -- Thanks, But No Thanks

The apocalypse dawned for me in the summer of 1967.
I was living on Detroit’s East Side when all hell broke loose. The angry white men sitting on their porches with shotguns on their laps blamed it in on the “niggers,” and promised to shoot first and...

Fukuyama Offers Insight Into The World To Come

There’s not a whole lot written about identity politics and immigration that makes much sense. From the right come claims of apocalyptic doom, with a violent caravan headed our way to rape, pillage, plunder and kill. From the left, comes the kumbaya chorus, chirping about our...

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