Introducing a New Podcast: Law and Legitimacy

           I’ll never forget the first time I heard of blogging. Mike Cernovich called. I think he was a law student at Pepperdine at the time. Did I want to join him on a blog site he had created called Crime and Federalism? The year was 2005.

           “What’s a blog?” I asked.

           Soon enough, I was hooked. The habit of writing was long-ingrained in me. I wrote editorials for five years for daily newspapers before law school, and I had, once graduating law school, written a weekly column for legal newspapers for years. I signed on immediately.

           It was fun for a while. Legal blogging, or blawging, was new then. There weren’t many people doing it. And Mike was, and remains, wicked smart. All I had to do was follow his instructions. We blogged together for a couple of years. Then the marketplace exploded, and folks boasted of their metrics, followers, etc. It was a little off-putting. A pastime not quite rising to the level of an avocation became an obsession for some folks.

           It ran me off the reservation.

           That and the fact that my ego outran my talent and I started a blog of my own. I still write for it from time to time, sometimes going long periods without a post at all. I cranked out a few books, too, trying to show that I was bad, and that I knew how to write.

           My vocation remained, and remains, the practice of law. After decades of practice and years of writing, there is a weary sense that there is nothing new under the Sun. I used to tell folks I’d grown weary of the sound of my own voice.

           But then someone told me about podcasting. I tried to do it a few times, but speaking is a lot more work than writing. I put it aside. I spend most of my waking hours in court or grappling with folks about one controversy or another. I'm old dog; new tricks are for pups.

           Or I spent most of my time doing that. 

           Then came the pandemic. It took the better part of a year to catch up on all the briefing and odds and ends that had stacked up. With courts closed, I was old dog pacing his cage; I had time to learn a few new tricks.

           So I’ve started a podcast. It’s called “Law and Legitimacy.” I’ve done three episodes so far, brief pieces of 22 to 25 minutes each. For reasons I do not understand, that seems to me the time I use without planning. I pick a topic, and roll. The broadcasts to date are raw, rough and unedited. I’ve got a lot to learn. I am hoping to learn how to link a phone caller in for interviews. My podcasting hero? Lex Fridman at MIT, an artificial intelligence researcher.

           A new friend directed me to purchase the right equipment, a Roacaster Pro mixer and a hefty microphone; I'm on the market for video production stuff.

            I’ve got the audio equipment connected to one another, and with my Mac. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to edit the material I produce. So I have been using Garageband on Mac. I’ve someone ready to sponsor and assist, and I soon suspect the quality of production will improve.

           So check it out. Here is a link to the site on Spotify.

            How long will I podcast? It seems like there is plenty to talk about. And there is no drug like the learning curve. I still recall what a revelation it was to learn about blogging from Cernovich. Of course, he’s a star of social media now. I hope I can get him to give me a listen.

            I hope I can get you to stop by and listen.           

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  • Law Blog
    I enjoyed watching you on the Neil Rockind YouTube channel. Great stories there, then I come here and even more great stories. I've known of Mike for a while and it was interesting to hear you were a part of it all in the beginning. Thanks for your insight, please help a kid who needs help like you did when you were younger. Give a kid a shot at something they're not expecting at all. You're definitely an inspiration to many and simply entertainment to others.
    Posted on April 21, 2021 at 8:06 am by Greg
  • Supreme Court case you should cover
    More SCOTUS filings will be filed for remaining appeals for Remember when Alex Jones claimed somebody tried to set him up with CP files? Brian D. Hill has evidence he was set up but his public defender told him to falsely plead guilty then right after the Feds destroyed the evidence and anonymous threats made to attorney Susan Basko and Brian Hill telling them to stop proving Brian's innocence and stop the appeal. Brian was the former news reporter of USWGO Alternative News who vowed to peacefully resist the New World Order on his old website which can be accessed on Wayback machine from 2009 to 2012. If you read the We Are Change article Norm Pattis, alleged CP files were downloading to Brian's computer for 11 months after it was seized by Law Enforcement. He has one pending Supreme Court Petition, two of his pro se Writs Petitions were dismissed by SCOTUS. Brian plans on filing two more Writs for Certiorari and if all that fails Brian will start filing special Writs directly with SCOTUS. Brian will file 100 Petitions if he has to until he is found actually innocent of possession of child porn. They set him up like the Anonymous Deep State tried to do with Alex Jones during the Sandy Hook defamation lawsuit. You can monitor his state SCOTUS petition as well. Brian has a lot of evidence favorable to his state criminal charge as well. Brian was poisoned with Carbon Monoxide poisoning long term which made him act funny and caused his state misdemeanor charge. Then more recently somebody rammed a car at Brian and his mother and luckily they were not killed in that car accident. Norm Pattis, this man has became such a high target and they won't let it go no matter how much he proves of his innocence, they want him held hostage, yes held hostage. Brian is innocent but he is held hostage that even his Probation Officer is aware of that hostage situation so even his Probation Officer is super concerned with the evidence he may be privy to now. You definitely need to watch his case closely as he was former alternative media, he quit after he was framed with child porn hoping him giving up would make the charge go away but instead Homeland Security arrested him and claimed he wanted to kill the Mayodan Police and then Brian tried to kill himself and was put on suicide watch. Then the public pretender Eric David Placke acted like he was already guilty and he was placed under maximum security conditions. Brian had evidence favorable to him but that evidence was not allowed to be looked at until after he was convicted then his lawyer allowed him to see his discovery materials and then it was destroyed shortly after Brian vowed to prove his innocence and file a 2255 Motion in 2015. Please keep in touch with him, maybe let him on your podcast show by Telephone and allow him to share his story and the blog Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News. Please help him get his story out Norm Pattis. Please, he can prove his innocence to you but he needs a voice. He has Autism but he needs a platform to speak by Telephone to your podcast show and give a brief explanation of his situation and share his story that needs a much needed media attention by the great alternative media out there. God bless you Norm Pattis.
    Posted on April 29, 2021 at 1:10 am by Stanley Bolten
  • religious rights vs. mandatory vaccinations
    Learned of the law firm when Mr. Pattis was interviewed by Alex Jones. I live in CT and believe Gov. Lamont and Ct Legislature is well outside their jurisdiction and need a hard slap back. I don;'t have children, but believe Lamont is running the state as a king, especially extending the Chicom virus protocols without bringing it to legislature. It is disheartening how the Democrats are trampling our Constitutional rights, but I balme the citizens for not sopeaking up!
    Posted on April 29, 2021 at 3:24 am by Desmond McGlynn
  • Alex Jones alleged trial
    How is this judge not removed from the bench? No judge can just claim your guilty off of an attorneys filings with out giving the defendant a right to defend him self. Also no judge decides what is true or not true only factual evidence in a case that is undisputable can be shown as truth. Violatimg any rights is fruit of the poison tree, and since the judge has done this the court has been corupted! Lieing to the jury, which the judge has done by stating that jones is guilty without being tried is a serious crime by the judge and the attorney Title 18 RICO
    Posted on August 8, 2022 at 1:26 am by David Huddleston

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